Most organizations are under the impression that doing the bare minimum in IT security is still enough. It’s time to change that mindset.

Why ServiceNow for Security Operations (SecOps)?

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to ServiceNow Security Operations deployments. Due to the complexity of these projects, we have constructed a dedicated Security Operations practice of seasoned practitioners who have direct experience deploying ServiceNow Security Operations.

When you work with us for a ServiceNow SecOps project, you tap into:

  • Deep experience in vulnerability, threat intelligence, and CMDB optimization
  • Technical depth in 3rd party security tool integrations, cybersecurity landscapes, and data imports (including correlations of data anomalies)
  • Prioritization of effortless user experiences, adherence to a roadmap, and process-heavy Solution Architecture Guidance

Our Holistic Approach

In addition to SecOps, our ServiceNow practice has deep roots in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), which extends the workflow, collaboration, and orchestration capabilities of your core ServiceNow Risk Management platform. As a result, this provides a complete, end-to-end approach that harmonizes your Security and GRC programs to reduce risk and liabilities across your organization. Furthermore, you benefit from automating administrative tasks while freeing up your valuable resources to focus on improving and extending your risk posture.

Get the Modern Security Solution Organizations Are Missing Out On

ServiceNow Security Operations automate the basic and critical areas of security so that teams can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Here are a few ServiceNow capabilities that may be needed:

  • Alleviate the manual administrative burden of audit requests with the push of a button
  • Real-time analytics show you what’s important and what needs to be patched
  • Automate response capabilities to fortify your Security Incident Response
  • Collect meaningful insights that track performance, enable organizational knowledge to strengthen security posture, and help break down silos to build connected lifecycles and connected teams

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