Optimizing SOX Compliance with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance

Optimizing SOX Compliance with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance

Regulatory compliance has become a challenging endeavor. The ServiceNow Policy and Compliance application provides all the features needed to establish a viable Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance solution quickly.

Optimizing SOX Compliance, Optimizing SOX Compliance with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance

Understanding how a ServiceNow Policy and Compliance eases SOX Compliance tasks

In the past, legacy SOX compliance activities have been time-consuming, inefficient, and there was always a risk occurrence factor. ServiceNow Policy and Compliance solves these issues by automating best practice lifecycles, unifying compliance processes, and providing assurances around their effectiveness. Through continuous monitoring and automation, ServiceNow delivers a real-time view of compliance, improves decision-making, and increases performance across your organization and with vendors. Only ServiceNow can connect the business, security, and IT aspects of your business with an integrated risk and compliance framework that transforms manual, siloed, and inefficient processes into a unified program built on a single platform.

Establishing an effective internal control environment

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance helps manage your governance framework, including policies, laws and regulations, and best practices in one system, and maps them to controls. Once defined, you can automate repetitive processes, even across functional groups.

Continuous compliance assurance

Configure compliance indicators and define thresholds to enable continuous, real-time monitoring of your compliance posture. Use the built-in Attestation Designer to create and execute tests and attestations.

Test once and comply

Test control once and comply with multiple regulations through the single taxonomy and common controls framework.

Respond quickly to compliance failures

ServiceNow automatically generates issues for non-compliant controls, from which acceptance or mitigation can be managed. Upon issue resolution, reevaluation of the failed control must be completed to prove compliance.

Provide visibility at all levels

Interactive real-time dashboards provide overviews of your risk and compliance posture and audit activities. The role-based dashboards in the GRC Workbench allow you to view status updates, priorities, and tasks associated with engagements. Dependency modeling uses CMDB information to show upstream and downstream relationships across entities so that you can visualize the business impact of a control failure throughout the enterprise.

Establishing a viable SOX compliance solution may seem like a chore, but the Service Now Policy and Compliance application makes short work out of your regulatory compliance needs. Learn more by clicking here or contacting your Milestone representative for more information on all the solutions ServiceNow can bring to your business.


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