Vulnerabilities Just Got More Manageable

Introducing ActivateVR – a smarter solution for ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

The simple fact is that cybersecurity workloads are never going to lighten. They’re just going to keep getting bigger. Every day, threats evolve in scope and sophistication, and the volume of alerts keeps expanding. Despite their point tools, security and IT operations teams are being buried in an onslaught of cyber threats and vulnerability alerts. They’re not equipped to act quickly enough, let alone be able to prioritize effectively and tackle the most significant pain point first. As the attack surface expands, they’re unable to resolve the threats. They’re stuck trying to patch one hole after another, blindly guessing which one is letting the most water into the boat.

To complicate matters even more, cybersecurity and IT operations teams don’t have the efficiency or expertise to scale. This dooms teams to work reactively, not proactively. The challenges increase in the world of hybrid work and a geographically dispersed employee base. In addition, such scenarios often lead to burnout and expertise loss as IT and cybersecurity employees search for greener pastures.

What organizations need is to be able to prioritize and respond to threats faster than ever to minimize the potential for loss and damage to their reputation. But vulnerabilities can be better managed with two important factors: speed and accuracy. ActivateVR enables both.

ActivateVR makes vulnerability management more effective.


Vulnerability management is critical to an organization’s security strategy. Vulnerabilities can occur due to flaws in software, misconfigurations in systems, or other weaknesses in security controls, allowing attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, disrupt operations, or cause additional damage. And the longer a vulnerability is allowed to exist, the greater risk it presents for being exploited.

ActivateVR provides a more effective solution for vulnerability management by:

  • Automating the vulnerability discovery and identification process for all systems, applications, and other assets that are part of the organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Prioritizing the most pressing vulnerabilities so they can be addressed in a timely manner and reduce the risk of security breaches and other cyberattacks
  • Unlocking the CMDB’s potential by importing asset information from vulnerability scanners and improving the accuracy of the CMDB
  • Automating collaboration and remediation between the IT operations management and cybersecurity teams for more efficient and effective remediation of vulnerabilities throughout the enterprise
  • Orchestrating patch management and patch deployments by submitting patch requests, scheduling patch updates, and monitoring remediation progress from your Now Platform

The Benefits of ActivateVR

  • Faster Prioritization – prioritize based on several factors, including but not limited to severity, threats, asset exposure, business criticality, and applicable security controls
  • Faster Response – empowers CISOs with the tools to target aggressively and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the enterprise
  • Faster Remediation – Accelerating the remediation process immediately reduces a company’s risk exposure, especially when responding to high-risk vulnerabilities such as WannaCry

Truly effective vulnerability management involves a systematic and risk-based approach to managing vulnerabilities driven by automation. ActivateVR bridges the gap between your vulnerability scanners and CMDB to enhance the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness of your vulnerability management efforts. More importantly, by significantly contributing to an organization’s ability to prioritize and respond to threats faster than ever, ActivateVR minimizes the potential for loss and damage to the organization’s reputation and bottom line.

If vulnerabilities had feelings, they would fear ActivateVR for its speed and effectiveness.


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