Staffing Model Support for Your ServiceNow Instance

Staffing Model Support for Your ServiceNow Instance

Like most things in business, success largely depends on the talent and quality of the team you have leading the initiatives. This is also true once you’ve implemented ServiceNow. The short and long-term success of this investment for your organization rests in the hands of the team you choose to oversee the projects. What we’ve learned from our customers is that to truly succeed your staffing model should consist of elements from multiple staffing options.

To truly succeed, your ServiceNow Staffing model should consist of elements from multiple staffing options.

  • In-house: for sustained administration/development with most FTE investment
  • Managed Services: for sustained administration/development with NO FTE investment
  • Developer on Demand: to augment in-house staff; allows for adjusting team velocity as needed
  • Project Based Consulting: to implement new specialized functionality or project-based work with specialized skillsets

I’d like to emphasize that every company is different and needs different levels of support. These ServiceNow Staffing options listed above work best when you use a mix-and-match approach. In most scenarios, there is no one size fits all as choosing only one of these can limit long-term success. Staffing models are meant to be dynamic and not static.

Creating the right staffing model, helps to ensure efficient use of budget, an optimized mix of resource types and minimizes over-allocation/under-allocation of resources. By aligning staff with product roadmap items and the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process, you can ensure you meet ongoing development milestones and optimize team resources to keep pace with demands.

In a recent webinar, we cover different staffing model scenarios. You can watch the recording here: I’m Implemented, NOW What? or download the e-book here.


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