Robotic Process Automation

Transform Your Business with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

With RPA, Milestone enables businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and achieve quick ROI. RPA has been shown to increase productivity by 80-90% and cost savings by 25-50%.

Milestone’s clients have experienced a 57% improvement in customer service and a 100% increase in employee efficiency, in addition to gaining other benefits from RPA.

  • In Banking: Improved customer service, fraud detection, and KYC process compliance

  • In Insurance: Claims processing, standardization of processes, simplified onboarding process, policy admin and servicing, and underwriting

  • In Manufacturing: Bill of materials, administration and reporting, customer support and service, data migration, ERP, and Logistics

  • In Education: Enrollment process, progress reports, administration, and scheduling meetings

  • In Retail: Demand and supply planning, logistics and supply chain management, customer support management, workflow management, and ERP management

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are designed to provide you with a competitive edge:

Strategic Planning and Assessment

Milestone Technologies offers holistic RPA solutions, guiding clients from strategic planning and feasibility analysis to selecting the right tools and intervention models for seamless automation integration.

  • Development of a strategic roadmap based on process assessment
  • RPA feasibility analysis
  • Identification of tools
  • Identification of intervention models
Design and Implementation

Milestone delivers tailored RPA solutions by consulting on architecture, redesigning processes, automating manual tasks, creating customized bots and frameworks, and integrating AI/ML technologies. Our clients have gained 67% deeper insights into their customers.

  • Architecture consultation and design
  • Redesign processes
  • Mapping of manual processes to automation
  • Design personalized bots (attended/unattended)
  • Customized RPA Solutions
  • Develop a custom framework
  • Integration of RPA with AI/ML
Ongoing Management and Optimization

Milestone offers comprehensive RPA implementation, from integration of AI capabilities to continuous management, optimization, and support for seamless automation and data handling.

  • End-to-end delivery
  • Manage, monitor, and continuously optimize your automation execution
  • Migration support

Why Milestone?

Milestone ensures customized automation, seamless integration, advanced AI capabilities, comprehensive support, and significant cost savings.

  • Benefit from tailored RPA solutions designed to meet specific business needs.
  • Experience seamless integration with existing systems, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Leverage advanced AI and cognitive capabilities for handling complex tasks.
  • Enjoy end-to-end support, from initial consultation to continuous optimization.
  • Achieve significant cost savings and improved process accuracy.








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