Application Maintenance & Support

Conquer the marketplace.
While we hold the fort.

Milestone’s services are designed to keep your applications updated and running at peak performance – through ongoing maintenance and support. So you can focus on innovation and create market-winning products and propositions that create the greatest value for your business and customers.

  • Ongoing application monitoring and maintenance
  • Prevent potential loss of business and customers on account of application downtime
  • Enjoy stability and peace of mind
  • Improve business performance
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Well-defined service level targets (SLTs)

It’s not just business as usual; it’s an open door to exceptional performance

When applications don’t bog you down, and you experience system stability and peace of mind, know that a lot of moving parts are working behind the scenes. Milestone expertly orchestrates these elements, ensuring your focus remains on innovation and growth.

“Hello, dependability”

Say goodbye to outdated systems and irksome glitches. Milestone’s services maximize system uptime, fostering reliability and dependability.   

  • Ongoing application monitoring, maintenance, and technical support
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Application updates and improvements
  • Guidance on effective usage of applications
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services
  • 24/7/365 support for applications
  • Flexible support models (onsite, hybrid, and offshore)
  • Well-defined service level targets (SLTs)
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
Minimize disruption. Maximize productivity.

Transcend from hiccups to harmonious performance, using your applications to maximize your outcomes.

  • Prevent potential loss of business and customers on account of application downtime
  • Perform consistently with speed and flexibility
  • Application support that ensures you perform well beyond tomorrow
  • Catalyze business performance
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Grow end-user satisfaction
  • Ensure governance
  • Promote business continuity
The strength behind the stability

Milestone enables you to unlock your peak performance through robust and stable applications.

  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Performance Optimization
  • Change Management
  • Cross-Platform Integration Support
  • Patch management
  • Escalation management
  • Customization and Configuration
  • Security Management
  • Compliance and Governance

Why Milestone?

Forge partnerships that create a lasting impact.

Milestone’s impact on its clients is mirrored in its recognition of service delivery, its average CSAT score of 4.62/5, NPS score of 71.9, and enduring client relationships spanning 26+ years.

Milestone’s successful track record in providing Application Maintenance and Support services makes it better positioned to partner with you to ensure the best outcomes.  

  • Deep expertise in modern technologies
  • Robust Application Maintenance and Support
  • Employee and client-centric culture
  • Continuous improvement
  • Results-driven approach
  • Dedicated teams








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