Platform Experience Monitoring & Mgmt.

Platform Experience Monitoring & Mgmt.

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From migration to delivering re-engineered workflow solutions, Milestone has a proven track record for getting organizations transitioned to Power Platform quickly and more effectively. Microsoft Power Platform provides a more comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to streamline operations and data management. Learn why you should choose Microsoft Power Platform over Nintex:

Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

Integrates seamlessly with products like Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, providing a comprehensive and cohesive experience, minimizing compatibility issues, and streamlining data sharing across various applications.

Customization, Scalability, and Cost Effectiveness

Offers tools like Power Apps that enable users to create custom applications or use pre-built templates to scale their solutions to meet their unique and evolving requirements. In addition, benefit from a competitive pricing model that is more cost-effective than Nintex, especially for organizations already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Power Automate provides enhanced automation capabilities that enable users to create more sophisticated workflows and processes.

Robust Analytics

Power BI provides powerful data analytics and visualization tools that allow users to create interactive reports and dashboards, making data-driven decision-making simpler and more effective.

AI and Virtual Agents

Enables businesses to create AI-based chatbots without coding expertise and offer superior customer engagement and support over Nintex.

Community Support

Microsoftu2019s large and active community provides resources, documentation, and support for users to find answers, learn new functionalities, and troubleshoot issues while working with Power Platform.

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Download the datasheet to learn why the top companies in the world choose Milestone for their Microsoft Power Platform and automation capabilities.

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We make your migration from Nintex to Power Platform a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Our commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget, ensuring full functionality at cutover, and upholding all necessary SLAs sets us apart. We specialize in preserving your custom workflows and functionality, ensuring a seamless transition with enhanced efficiency, making Milestone your ideal partner for a seamless, effective solution integration.

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