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~2000 AWS Services Assessed and remediated for a Silicon Valley technology enterprise

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The Challenge

The client was a technology company based out of Silicon Valley, trying to innovatively solve agricultural challenges through intelligent machinery.The organization lacked AWS security best practices, had immature IT processes and inexperienced support staff. There was no process to manage and secure the Application on AWS.

They needed Cloud Assessment, Recommendation Services which included

  • Assessment, Evaluation & Identification of all critical and immediate cloud gaps related to security, operational reliability, performance & Governance.
  • Identifying corresponding architecture changes to minimize the risks
  • Recommendations around cloud management office operations on governance

Cloud Architecture, ~2000 AWS Services Assessed and remediated for a Silicon Valley technology enterprise

Milestone Approach

Milestone adapted Cloud Architecture Framework identifying High Risk Items (HRIs) and excellence-based standards across cloud governance services.

As part of the services Milestone provided Assessment Report, Recommendations, an Implementation Plan & Target Strategy.

The Impact

Milestone completed the cloud assessment, published recommendations enabling the customer on a path of cohesive cloud management.

Total number of services assessed and remediated

Region Count Of Services
Ohio 267
North Virginia 278
North California 938
Oregon 491
Total 1974

The organization now hosts all of its resources in four AWS regions across the US

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