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Customer sees significant time to value with Milestone

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Client Challenge

The customer was facing a significant challenge: the need to migrate out of their data center within a tight deadline and the failure of their legacy VDI solution. After evaluating several alternative offerings, the customer still couldn’t find a solution that satisfied all of its security and audit requirements. With time running out, they came across Milestone and recognized it as their best option.

Milestone Approach

Milestone’s exceptional ability to deliver, within a matter of hours, a fully-functional proof-of-concept complete with secure connectivity to the customer’s corporate resources, enabled them to successfully meet their target migration date. The solution tested and users onboarded with time to spare, Milestone exceeded the customer’s expectations for timely implementation.



  • Fast. Milestone enabled the customer to complete the migration away from its data center and legacy VDI solution ahead of schedule.
  • Secure. Security and auditing capabilities met organizational requirements for mitigating risk and preventing cyber attacks.
  • Productive. Up and running with a fully-functional proof-of-concept in hours, the organization was able to ensure business continuity and worker productivity.

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