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Global Software Company Delivers 3,000 Audio Visual Events Annually Thanks to Milestone

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The Challenge

This global enterprise software company has over 10,000 end-users worldwide and maintains over 1,000 conference rooms across all their campuses. They wanted a high-touch delivery model for audio-visual and event support services at all their campuses around the world.Audio Visual, Global Software Company Delivers 3,000 Audio Visual Events Annually Thanks to Milestone

Milestone Approach

Milestone deployed a dedicated team of 17 AV specialists and established a program of aggressive preemptive facilities reviews, break-fix services, and event support. The preemptive ‘sweeps’ were extremely important. They allowed Milestone technicians to proactively verify all conference room hardware and software was in perfect working order. When they found a problem, they would immediately begin the repair process, often even before any users reported a problem with the system.


Milestone identified six situations requiring IT support for every one reported by a customer user. Milestone has achieved a 100% ‘very satisfied’ CSAT rating. In 2019, the client recognized Milestone as a ‘most valued team’ for service delivery, and award all teams (internal and contractors), across the entire organization are eligible to win.

By the Numbers

Metric Value
CSAT 100% ‘Very Satisfied’
Proactive Incident Ratio 6:1
End users 12,500
Conference spaces 1,350

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