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Social Networking Company Optimizes ITAM Throughput and Efficiency with Milestone

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The Challenge

This client is a multinational social networking company with over 25,000 employees worldwide. The company faced several obstacles to improving their IT asset management processes. It lacked a concise workflow and clearly defined processes. The manual process it had in place was redundant and did not have a systematic methodology to identify and eliminate waste. The company also had various roles between back-office teams and management that were not aligned to the same objectives and tasks. This led to miscommunication on which tasks were completed and ultimately resulted in a redundant workflow. Finally, a significant hurdle was the lack of data reliability in reporting and analysis. Much of the data was scattered due to the lack of a consolidated dashboard and manual reporting on tasks, ultimately resulting in inaccurate data as the processes and information were disconnected. Social Networking Company Optimizes ITAM Throughput and Efficiency with Milestone

Milestone Approach

The client partnered with Milestone to implement a proven methodology with a customized solution to meet their rapidly growing asset lifecycle management processes. Working with Milestone allowed the client to implement a consistent method for identifying and reducing waste via the Lean Workflow. Milestone implemented dashboards and new weekly Operations review processes to ensure tasks were delegated correctly, and the information was completely accurate and up-to-date. Milestone helped align management and back-office teams in a consistent manner to clarify objectives and high-value add tasks. Milestone accomplished this by creating Task Administrator roles with assigned team members to complete tasks efficiently. 


Process Improvements made by Milestone ultimately resulted in increased task throughput by 42%. The new dashboard replaced the disparate manual reporting to enhance data collection, which ultimately increased data reliability. Finally, the process improvement resulted in savings of $5.1 million annually for the client due to employees’ productivity going up with reduced manual labor and the elimination of inefficient workflows.

By the Numbers

Metric Value
Annual savings $5.1 million
Increased task throughput 42%

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