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IDC: Social Networking Company Optimizes IT Customer Service with Outsourced Milestone Service

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The Challenge

One of Milestone’s clients is a social networking company that has branched out into several ancillary businesses. The social networking company engages in a significant amount of outsourcing in its business model. It avoids the burden of managing services to which it doesn’t want to allocate full-time headcount and garners expertise that is better done by outside organizations. The company has a cultural baseline that fosters expectations for high levels of customized service. Other challenges included supporting increasingly tech-savvy customers and scaling to keep up with the client’s rapid growth.

Milestone Approach

Several different steps were used to implement a managed help desk service working with Milestone. The customer worked with Milestone to make sure the culture of the employees sourced was aligned with its own culture. Because the relationship is long term in nature, the customer team felt that Milestone understood those requirements. Challenges around defining the standard billing and transactional aspects were surmounted with various innovations on the part of Milestone. The customer’s high growth year over year has required Milestone’s support services to scale and adapt quickly to the radical changes experienced over the past five to six years. In addition, automation is key to the ability to scale.


The customer was looking for a company that was very good at adjusting and innovating based upon rapidly changing circumstances. It found that Milestone fit this criterion and was able to drive the requisite levels of efficiency. It also found that Milestone performed particular actions on the basis of being service responsive and not necessarily purely financially driven with respect to results. Partnering with Milestone has enabled the customer to provide quality support services in a way that meets the company’s sometimes very demanding culture. According to the customer, Milestone has worked to continually drive efficiencies and onboard new services without significant impacts on the cost structure.

By the Numbers

Metric Value
First Call Resolution > 75%

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