The Impact of Color on Consumer Behavior

The psychology of color and visual appearance with regards to persuasion and influence is one of the most fascinating and sometimes even controversial, aspects of marketing and consumer behavior. Research suggests that this aspect is a critical factor in marketing and branding. The buying pattern of consumers is based on their personal preferences, upbringing, and even culture. Certain colors have a certain kind of impact on the consumer psyche. It has been found that up to 90% of consumer judgments made about products can be attributed to color alone, and businesses utilize this effectively to market their brands.

This psychological effect is powerful, and a strong connection exists between color and feelings. The emotions that color can evoke influence our behavior, too. For example, a red sports car can stir feelings like thrill or excitement whereas the blue sea or ocean can instill calmness in us. Science too supports this fact, as color meets the basic neurological need for stimulation. Specific responses are triggered within the brain and the whole body by colors. Colors are also in many ways key to a brand’s identity. Color distinguishes a brand and caters to the emotional benefits of many consumers.


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