Tips & Tricks – 6 Useful and Underused Apps You Need to Use

ServiceNow apps.

Tips & Tricks – 6 Useful and Underused Apps You Need to Use

From irresistible hidden gems to underused apps, ServiceNow is full of surprises! And I know that even the most experienced users may not be familiar with its more obscure capabilities or may know about them but find them too rigid or esoteric. That’s where having more than 15 years of ServiceNow experience comes in handy. The great thing about ServiceNow is that it’s so flexible you can easily take advantage of its approach to quick-deploying, low-code app development which helps you build enterprise apps, deliver a great UX, and scale apps across your enterprise.

Particular Challenges You May Face

  • Some apps will save you money…but may be too restrictive
  • Other apps seem difficult to use and set up—especially if you aren’t a math major
  • Maybe your boss doesn’t fully understand the true cost/benefit of the app you need
  • Depending on your region, you may run into compliance issues

6 Useful Apps You Need to Use Now!

Below, I’ve described six apps I’ve found useful, don’t require much customization, and will help with your growing technical management support:

App #1: Field Service Management (FSM) – Manage regional challenges from a single point

This app has been around the ServiceNow world for a while, but I’ve found most techs don’t use it to its fullest. With FSM, you deliver frictionless field service experiences to customers and employees with one integrated system of action.

Why I like it: FSM allows you to help organizations manage work tasks performed on location and match tasks to agents based on skills, territory assignments, and inventory.

App #2: Software Asset Management (SAM) – Saves money when you fully understand your software needs

People often have the wrong idea of what SAM is: It’s an ongoing process, not a one-and-done solution, nor is it just about compliance or IT.

Why I like it: SAM gives insight into an organization’s current and future software needs and ensures that your organization and employees have all the software tools while:

  • Keeping costs low
  • Managing software licenses to ensure compliance
  • Reducing software implementation complexities
  • Simplifying operational efficiencies

Plus, with SAM, you save your organization resources and money. I’ve saved several hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients when I’ve used SAM to spot software licensing discrepancies. 

App #3: Asset Management – Save time and resources when managing your equipment

Like SAM, techs either don’t fully understand how to use Asset Management services (they may have it, but they don’t know how to use it), or they take it for granted if they do know how to use it.

Why I like it: With Asset Management, you’ll know where and how to access all your equipment quickly, saving time when looking for certain configurations that might be scattered across your office campus.

App #4: HR Service Delivery & Management – Focus on staffing strategies that maximize employee performance/experience

Most HR management solutions use inefficient, manual HR workflows and processes that don’t provide a single access point for employees to use HR services.

Why I like it: ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery, on the other hand, provides you with employee workflows to embed intelligence into all your workforce interactions. This lets users break down silos and unlock higher levels of productivity.

App #5: Automated Test Framework (ATF) – Speed up app testing 40x vs. the manual approach

Do you worry about the cost factor of not just building an app but also maintaining it? Software applications need constant maintenance, and you often need to build different tests for each app. This can make testing cost prohibitive.

Why I like it: ATM is an affordable testing solution you use to achieve up to 40x faster testing when compared to manual processes, and it automatically creates test cases based on your current needs. Plus, you can take advantage of:

  • No-code, low-code, and pro-code approaches
  • Easily create tests cases and automate testing
  • Enjoy seamless integration with ServiceNow’s rapid test-script authoring system

App #6: Performance Dashboard – Monitor all your ServiceNow instances from a single dashboard

Who doesn’t want to see how your ServiceNow apps are performing? Heck, I look at regression measurements to see how my phone is performing! Likewise, I enjoy looking at the Performance dashboard to see a wide range of platform performance metrics for any running instance.

Tricks and Hidden Features for ServiceNow UsersWhy I like it: With ServiceNow Performance dashboards, you get central access to different graph sets to monitor the performance of all your instances.

Not only that, but we understand teams that already know business intelligence (BI) platforms may not want to start over to learn ServiceNow—or have the mathematical models to take advantage of it (believe it or not, ServiceNow may not be something people want to learn). That’s why, with Milestone at your side, you get ServiceNow data when you integrate your BI instance into your ServiceNow environment.

If you have tips you’d like to share, let us know, and we’ll review your tip and may post it in a future blog.

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