Covestic CMDB Chat – Vlog 1: New ITOM Features for CMDB Health and Status Visibility

Welcome back to CMDB Chat!

This episode highlights a few of the newest IT operations management (ITOM) features. Our experts will showcase federating configuration item (CI) data from multiple sources across the enterprise, visibility gaps across teams, and difficult-to-manage or secure CI.

cmdb chat

Senior Solutions Architect Marcus Ang showcases the multi-source configuration management database (CMDB) feature, which tracks CI attribute updates federated from multiple sources. Scott Trumble then highlights how this data is visible in the new CMDB 360 tab of the CMDB Workspace updates.

Senior Technical Consultant Justin Michael provides an overview of the CMDB and data foundation dashboards and recommendations for ensuring the CMDB and common service data model (CSDM) are properly configured.

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