For today’s business enterprises, applications and support infrastructure must perform with the speed, agility, and scale to keep up with your business demands. Milestone’s Application and Consulting Services create an adaptive, secure, responsive, and flexible foundation to enhance the performance and success of your business.

With the acquisition of SMCI, (a NextGen IT consulting, talent management, and digital solutions provider), Milestone supports our clients with complex application development, world-class project management as a service (PMaaS) capabilities, and talent management solutions that deliver the right mix of development talent, project management methodologies, leadership and consulting expertise to support your business needs.

From consultation, development, and support to legacy modernization, security, and future-proofing applications, Milestone has the expertise to help achieve your business goals.

Application Services – ​Empower your IT architecture operation with best-in-class managed services expertise

  • Enterprise Architecture solutions for acquisitions, divestitures, and major scale-ups.
  • A full suite of Cloud Advisory Services for the modern hybrid architecture you need.
  • Enterprise Integration services that automate processes and create
    experiences across multiple systems.
  • Application Development teams that build for operability and functionality.

Application Consulting – Customized, people-driven solution strategies proven to ignite your digital transformation

  • Delivers a full suite of advisory services that support a modern hybrid architecture.
  • Implements a roadmap to guide your current architecture to an optimized future one.
  • Assesses current business objectives, organizations, processes, systems, and work tasks.
  • Provides expertise in enterprise software tools, selection, and architectural integration.
Application Consulting

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) – End-to-end project and product management services for companies needing thought leadership and best practices to optimize their PMO capabilities

    • Experienced & Proven Project Management Expertise.
    • Access to Experienced & Vetted Resources.
    • Stakeholder-Driven Support via a Dedicated Project Delivery Executive.
    • Performance-Based Delivery Assessed Against KPIs and SLAs.

Digital Platform Engineering – Enhance enterprise software delivery, developer experience, and speed at which customer value is delivered

  • Improves developer performance.
  • Utilizes configurable and reusable tools and services.
  • Automated processes simplify the experience for users.
Platform Engineering


Milestone’s delivery approach enables your organization to manage your application landscape
with more agility and effectiveness.



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