Milestone Application Services Deliver the Right Architectures for Business Success

Milestone Application Services Leverage Our Managed Services Expertise

With years of managed services experience, Milestone has seen applications and architectures that work, and those that don’t. We leverage this knowledge in all our Application Services to ensure your IT architecture always operates efficiently to deliver real business results.

Successful IT Transformations Require Careful Planning by Experts with Extensive Strategic and Operational Knowledge

IT transformations can be required for many reasons including acquisitions, divestitures, and scaleups upon receipt of significant funding.

  • Our IT transformation experts have extensive experience working with companies in acquisition, divestiture, and scaleup scenarios.
  • We start by assessing current business objectives, organizations, processes, systems, and work tasks.
  • Then we develop a desired future state solution architecture and build an implementation roadmap to get you from your current situation to that optimized future state.

Goals for Acquisition Transformations Include Enabling Cost and Business Synergies

A successful IT transformation is critical for successful merger integration.  Key objectives include achieving significant cost savings, as well as implementing new revenue enablers. In acquisition scenarios, Milestones transformation experts achieve success by focusing  on the following:

  • Enabling the acquirer and acquiree to operations as one company financially from Day 1
  • Leveraging quick integration wins
  • Focusing initially on financial systems and critical infrastructure items, such as security, access rights, and SSO
  • Putting particular emphasis on data migration, since that is critical to obtaining financial compliance initially and an efficient, integrated consolidated application architecture longer term
  • Considering not only systems and processes, but also post-merger organizational design
  • Ensuring the resulting plan includes achievement of combined business synergies
  • Implementing an application scoring model to provide a design framework for selecting the right migration targets

Divestitures Often Require Careful Orchestration to Meet Aggressive Schedules

With divestiture IT transformation, the divested company needs to eliminate dependencies by replacing capabilities formerly provided by the previous owner. Goals of these projects include

  • Enabling the two companies to operate as independent companies financially quickly
  • Minimizing dependence on a Transitional Service Agreement (TSA)
  • Enabling existing business functions to operate efficiently
  • Enabling new business capabilities

Custom Software Development is Risky.  Surveys show 75% of Projects Fail

According to a recent survey, 75% of respondents admitted their projects are either always or usually doomed right from the start. (1) What are some of the causes of failed software projects?

  • Inadequate planning and coordination of the necessary people, processes and technology
  • Siloed processes that emphasize development, but fail to recognize the critical nature of previous and subsequent phases to overall project success
  • Dependence on agile methodologies and techniques that only work with the entire team in one location

Milestone Leverages its Managed Service Experience to Deliver Success Custom Development Projects

Managed services require carefully planning and orchestration of people, processes, and technologies. So does software development.

  • Milestone applies the same approach to project, requirements, development, source code, testing, deployment, maintenance, and documentation management to deliver successful software projects.
  • By engineering software to be operated efficiently and updated as necessary, not just deployed, Milestone reduces TCO while increasing ROI.
  • As a global organization, Milestone’s collaboration tools and techniques enable ‘remote agile,’ allowing us to get all the benefits of agile while leveraging our worldwide team’s skills.

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If You Want to Move to the Cloud, Milestone Has the Services to Get You There

Cloud computing is one of the most disruptive technologies in modern times. Enterprises of all sizes are rapidly embracing the cloud to leverage its many benefits. Milestone services can get you there quickly and safely.

  • Cloud Assessment Services examine your current enterprise landscape and provide a comprehensive plan for Cloud migration
  • Migration Services uses a variety of strategies including rehosting, re-platforming and rearchitecting to move on-premise applications to the Cloud
  • Cloud-Optimized Applications are designed and written specifically to leverage the full potential of cloud infrastructure and services
  • Cloud Managed Services provision, configure, secure, monitor and manage your cloud applications and infrastructure to ensure smooth operations, uninterrupted functioning, predictable operating costs, and improved service resilience

Cognitive Automation is Milestone’s Application Services Secret Weapon

Artificial intelligence, when properly implemented and deployed, is generating radical improvements in productivity, performance, revenue growth and cost savings.  However, most outsourcers are not deploying AI to benefit their clients.

  • Since our managed services agreements are outcome-based, Milestone shares any cost savings we find with our clients.
  • With our Cognitive Automation capability, we can implement best practices AI capabilities to improve efficiency and performance for your organization … and we do!
  • As we deploy Digital Assistants and Virtual Agents to automate Application Services, you benefit from increased consistency, better decisions, reduced cycle times and infinite scalability.

Major Port Cuts Over On Time During COVID Thanks to Milestone Application Services

This global top 20, highly automated port faced a critical cutover date to outsource their 24/7 IT support to Milestone following a divestiture

  • Key mission-critical system had to cut over before functionality provided by the divesting organization was turned off. The cutover date was fixed and could not change.
  • Milestone delivered multiple Application Services including Divestiture Transition, Enterprise Architecture, Custom Development, and Operational Support.
  • Spread across 4 countries, the project team had planned for extensive travel to meet the aggressive cutover date
  • Despite the COVID travel ban, the cutover took place on time thanks to Milestone’s expertise, careful planning, remote agile methodologies and online collaboration infrastructure

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