Milestone Application Services Deliver the Right Architecture for Business Success

Milestone Application Services Leverage Our Managed Services Expertise

With years of enterprise IT managed services experience, Milestone has seen applications and architectures that work – and those that don’t. We leverage this knowledge in all our Application Services engagements to ensure your IT architecture always operates efficiently to deliver real business results.

  • Our Enterprise Architecture service have been used for numerous acquisitions, divestitures, and major scale-ups.
  • Our full suite of Cloud Advisory Services will get you the modern hybrid architecture you need.
  • By partnering with Mulesoft, our Enterprise Integration service automates processes and creates experiences that span multiple systems.
  • Unlike many developers, our Application Development team builds for operability, not just functionality.

Successful Architecture Integration Requires Careful Planning by Experts with Extensive Strategic and Operational Knowledge

Milestone has extensive experience driving architectural integration resulting from acquisitions, divestitures, and scale-ups upon receipt of significant funding.

  • We start by assessing current business objectives, organizations, processes, systems, and work tasks.
  • Next, we develop a desired future state solution architecture and build an implementation roadmap to get you from your current situation to that optimized future state.
  • Goals for acquisition transformations include enabling cost and business synergies.
  • Divestitures often require careful orchestration to meet aggressive schedules.

Delivery Model M And A

Milestone Leverages Mulesoft’s Integration Platform to Automate Critical Business Processes

Integrating systems has been the largest unsolved problem in IT. The problem is only getting worse as the number of applications, data, and devices increases. Automated business processes that span systems maximize operational efficiency and minimize risk.

  • Milestone leverages Mulesoft’s AnyPoint integration platform to accelerate delivery, automate security, reduce maintenance, and lay the groundwork for future enhancements.
  • AnyPoint has excellent out-of-the-box features, deployment options, and built-in connectors. It is also open source, lightweight and fast.
  • With Mulesoft, our integration experts can manage and secure the flow of data between any or all of the systems in your enterprise, as well as any web services your organization uses.

Milestone Leverages Mulesoft integration platform to automate critical business Source: Mulesoft

Milestone’s Global Organization Delivers Successful Custom Development Projects

According to a recent survey, 75% of software projects fail. Why? Inadequate planning and coordination, siloed processes that emphasize development, and dependence on Agile methodologies that only work in one location are common.

  • Our enterprise IT managed services require careful planning and orchestration of people, processes, and technologies. Milestone applies the same approach it uses for managed services to deliver successful software projects.
  • As a global organization, Milestone’s collaboration tools and techniques enable ‘remote Agile,’ allowing us to get all the benefits of Agile while leveraging our worldwide team’s skills.
  • We also have extensive experience implementing containers, microservices, VMs, and full stack DevOps in a global operations model.
  • By allowing engineering software to be operated efficiently and updated as necessary, and not just deployed, Milestone reduces TCO while increasing ROI.

Major Port Cuts Over on Time During Covid-19 Thanks to Milestone Application Services

This global top 20, highly automated port faced a critical cutover date to outsource its 24/7 IT support to Milestone following a divestiture.

  • Key mission-critical systems had to cut over before functionality provided by the divesting organization was turned off. The cutover date was fixed and could not change.
  • Milestone delivered multiple application services, including Divestiture Transition, Enterprise Architecture, Custom Development, and Operational Support.
  • Spread across four countries, the project team had planned for extensive travel to meet the aggressive cutover date.
  • Despite the Covid-19 travel ban, the cutover took place on time thanks to Milestone’s expertise, careful planning, remote Agile methodologies, and online collaboration infrastructure.

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