CMDB Chat – Vlog 5: Getting Started with the CSDM

Welcome back to CMDB Chat!

Common service data model (CSDM) Service Mapping and Lifecycle Stages…Oh my! In this week’s CMDB Chat episode, our experts will take some of the mystery and terror out of implementing the common service data model and highlight some of the tools ServiceNow has added to help.

cmdb chat

CSDM implementation doesn’t have to be scary, and you don’t have to boil the ocean to get value. In part one of this vlog, Scott Trumble, Director of Our ServiceNow ITX Practice, will help you get past the initial shock and get started with CSDM, understand the different applications and what to do with them, and how to align your applications to the CSDM.

In this segment, we show you how to use Service Builder to create and maintain business definitions, technical services, and offerings.

Next, we provide an overview of creating application services, business service maps, and application endpoints, and explain how application services tie into the operational layer and maps can be manual, discovered, or tag based.

In our 4th segment, we address how CMDB Life Cycle Stages and Statuses provide consistent values across applications. ServiceNow Business Process Consultant Larry Dial highlights Life Cycle Status Migration as a guided mechanism to upgrade out of the box and custom status for consistent life cycle stages and lifecycle statuses.

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