Women’s History Month: Meet Jill Hall

Women's History Month Jill

Women’s History Month: Meet Jill Hall

We’d like to introduce you to some of our exceptional female leaders in honor of Women’s History Month. Meet Jill Hall!

What is your role at Milestone?

As the Director of Professional Services, it’s my responsibility to manage and oversee all our project implementations related to ServiceNow professional services.

A woman who inspires me is…

My aunt was the first person in our family to graduate from college. She became a very successful real estate developer in Colorado. My aunt was the first person who told me as a 5-year-old little girl that I didn’t have to depend on a man to build a life for myself. She told me that I had all the tools and ambition needed to succeed.

Something you might not know about me is…

I have been an avid softball player since I was 8 years old. I still play today on a Senior Women’s Softball team for women over 40.

What advice would you give aspiring female leaders?

Value your people; within Milestone, my people are my biggest asset.

If you treat your people well, breathe life into them, understand their goals, ambitions, and desires, and support them wholeheartedly, then your people will bend over backward and do absolutely anything for you.

It is essential to build those relationships and trust with your people; you must have their best interest at heart, and you also must have their families, their friends, and their whole village’s best interest at heart. And once they know that you’ve got their back, they will do absolutely anything for you.

Why do you think we need more women in leadership?

We need more women in leadership to inspire girls to give them a vision and goals.

It’s essential for girls who are naturally intellectual and analytical to know that they have options. For so many generations, women were put into a box and expected to become mothers, nurses, secretaries, or teachers. However, they should also know that they can also be chemists, engineers, mathematicians, scientists, software developers, or whatever they choose.

Additionally, as we allow technology to become so automated, we forget the personal touch that must come with it to be truly genuine. Women leaders in IT and STEM are important because they are empathic and nurturing; in a world filled with algorithms and impersonal coldness, the warmth that women bring to the culture is as vital.

How important is it to lift each other up?

It is always important to lift each other up; be the shoulder, be the ear, be the encourager, and be the person who can open doors.

On my team, just like in my home, right or wrong, if you come to me and tell me the truth, I will have your back 100%. So come to me, bring me the details to fix this together; it becomes a learning and growing opportunity for all of us.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would have committed to my education earlier had I known that it would have paid dividends not only professionally but personally. When I earned my bachelor’s in business administration in 2013 and my MBA in 2016, I was working full-time and in school full-time, and I was a single mom to three children, so both the commitment and time management were huge.

What’s your Women’s History Month message?

My Women’s History Month message is, “never give up.” Anything that you put your mind to, you can accomplish. It may not be pleasant – it may be hard – you might have to start all over again, but if you recognize that it’s okay to start over when you didn’t truly accomplish your goal – you will continue to grow.


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