CMDB Chat – Vlog 6: The Value of Mature CMDB to ITSM

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cmdb chatWelcome back to CMDB Chat! In this episode, the Director of the ServiceNow ITX Practice, Scott Trumble, leads a discussion highlighting how a mature configuration management database (CMDB) can help improve ROI in ITSM.

Our first segment, ServiceNow Solutions Architect Kenneth Dowdle examines the differences in IT asset management and configuration management in ServiceNow.In session two, our team expands our discussion to the five benefits of a mature, healthy (CMDB) as it relates to event management improving SLAs and lowering costs.Segment three features Senior Technical Consultant Alan Saunders as he explains the benefits of a mature and healthy CMDB to the change management process.
Finally, our ServiceNow Business Process Consultant, Larry Dial, outlines the benefits of a mature, healthy CMDB for catalog and request management.

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