Leverage Native Tools in ServiceNow for a Healthy Configuration Management Database

Leverage Native Tools in ServiceNow for a Healthy Configuration Management Database

ServiceNow recognizes the importance and difficulty of maintaining a healthy CMDB. Since the Helsinki release, ServiceNow has been steadily launching new tools and features to evaluate CMDB health. The latest addition was the duplicate Configuration Item (CI) Remediator in the London release.

While many companies lag the very latest release of the ServiceNow platform, there is still an opportunity to leverage the new tools and be proactive about managing your CMDB.

Milestone can help you assess the current state of your CMDB for:

  • Completeness: CIs are tested for required and recommended fields that are not populated.
  • Correctness: CIs are tested against pre-defined data integrity rules such as identification rules, orphan CI rules and stale CI rules.
  • Compliance: The CMDB data is audited. Perform scheduled or on-demand audits of CMDB data to determine which records match the expected attributes, CI relationships and relationships to other records in the system.

It’s true that as tools continue to evolve, they make our lives easier. All too often we see tools deployed and then very little attention paid to them. Over time, the CMDB becomes neglected and negatively impacts many other important initiatives. Taking the time now to proactively conduct a CMDB Health Check will go a long way towards ensuring your ServiceNow investment is optimized.

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you to perform this important checkup. Find out more about this offering by checking out our datasheet.

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