Frictionless Customer Service Management Creates Loyalty

Frictionless Customer Service Management Creates Loyalty

As companies look for better ways to create seamless customer service, there are many options to consider. Let’s explore how frictionless customer service management creates loyalty.

Package Delivered

This past holiday season, the dreaded missing package happened to me. I visited family in Alaska and eagerly awaited a holiday care package arriving via FedEx. When I received an email notification the package was delivered, I eagerly checked the front porch. But unfortunately, there was no package to be found.

Missing Package

I looked all around the front yard, trekking through the snow, but no luck. Oh great, now I must go through all the cumbersome steps with Customer Service.

So, I went to FedEx Support on my iPhone. The FedEx Virtual Assistant (VA) greeted me. Since I work with Virtual Agents in ServiceNow, I knew how helpful they could be for self-service, so I gave it a try.

Tracking Package

First, I told the VA that I had a missing package. Then, I provided the tracking number for the package. The VA created a new package tracking case automatically within minutes.

Overall, I had minimal effort, and it felt frictionless. It was a much better experience than the last time I had to call FedEx on the phone and press all the buttons for the menu options and then be placed on hold waiting for a customer service agent.

Locating Package

Later that day, FedEx located the package, and I had my holiday goodies.

Customer Support

ServiceNow Customer Service Management and FedEx Virtual Assistant Similarities

One great thing about the ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) Service Portal is similar functionality as FedEx Virtual Agent is available right out of the box.

Seamless Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management Virtual Agents can manage simple requests, freeing up your human agents for the more complex calls that require human problem-solving skills.

Create Cases

The Customer Service Management Virtual Agent can easily create new cases for your customers for things that don’t require an immediate response.

ServiceNow Support

Find Resources

Additionally, the Customer Service Management Virtual Agent can examine the written statements from your customers and, by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), automatically check for any Knowledge Base Articles your business might have related to your customer’s issue.

ServiceNow Support

Provide Updates

Of course, after I created my case with FedEx, I was anxious to know the status of my case. Fortunately, the ServiceNow Virtual Agent also provides a frictionless experience to get the latest status of your case.

Add Details

Sometimes you need to provide more information about your case. Thankfully, the ServiceNow Virtual Agent also provides an easy way to add any comments or attachments to your case.

Live Agent

Sometimes, the Virtual Agent can’t quite help with a specific issue. Fortunately, ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent provides a simple way to ask for a live agent.


Frictionless Experience

Ultimately, the ability to efficiently search knowledge base articles, create a new case, update your existing case, and engage a live agent as needed provides a frictionless experience for your customers. As we all know, you drive customer loyalty by providing seamless and great experiences for your customer.

Happy Customer

The better my experience with a company’s customer service, the more likely I will use them again. So, given a choice to mail that important holiday gift again, FedEx has the edge over UPS and the Postal Service.

But Wait, There’s More!

Here’s what you can expect if you hire the Milestone experts to manage your Service Now Platform:

  • 104% 3-year ROI
  • 10-to-25-point CSAT score increase
  • $6.6M improved customer retention and service benefits
  • $3.5M incremental revenue growth
  • $1.3M productivity and organizational efficiencies

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