The Extended Guide to Data Center Relocation – Part I

Understanding The Basics Of Data Center Migration And Planning For It

Cost economies, strategic geographical shift, compliance challenges, or technological upgrade – regardless of the reason, Data Center Relocation is a momentous decision for any organization. A DC migration is usually quite a challenging undertaking – it’s costly, complex, and carries some operational risks. However, when done with the right partner, the business benefits of DC migration are enormous and almost immediate.

In this series of articles on Data Center Relocation, we will unpack all the big and small issues – and their solutions – that come with an organization-wide DC migration.

So let’s start with the basics.

What is Data Center Relocation?

The term refers to physically moving your Data Center equipment, servers, applications, networks, and other operational resources to a new location. It is also called a Data Center Migration or a Data Center Move.

While the shift is usually physical, Data Center Relocation services extend far beyond just unplugging and moving the hardware. As most of the equipment being moved is used for business-critical applications, the process needs to be smooth and fast to ensure minimum downtime. And here, planning and collaboration are vital for success. From allocating budget to data management to physical transportation – each step must be executed with precision.

When is moving your DC the right choice for your organization?

If you are reading this article, then chances are your organization has already outgrown its current Data Center infrastructure and is feeling the pinch. Additionally, each organizational change or growth path requires a corresponding shift in operational infrastructure and processes. However, if you are a bit unsure about the if or when of your Data Center move, then do go through the questions below.

If you answer YES to 4 or more of these, we feel a DC migration is on the cards.

8 crucial questions to help you make the right decision about your IT infrastructure:

1. Are your current applications being held back due to hardware or software architecture?
2. Are your data needs outstripping your current DC infrastructure?
3. Do you need to back up your business data and applications safely to counter the impact of natural calamities or manmade disasters?
4. Will an IT relocation save your business money?
5. Is your current IT infrastructure inadequate to cope with your planned business expansion?
6. Will the migration bring you better DC support?
7. Is the relocation needed to upgrade your tech stack? Are your current business requirements suffering because of legacy infrastructure?
8.Are you worried your IT infrastructure cannot keep up with the evolving security needs of the organization?

What are the business implications of making this move?

In most cases, Data Center Relocation is actioned in order to access growth tools for the business. Whether it is better technology, service, security, or scalability, the impact of the move would always be positive.

However, to get the best out of the migration effort and expense, it is important for managers to map what business outcome they are gunning for. You have to understand your ‘Why’ and define a goal to reach it. And when this targeted approach is led by reliable and experienced Data Center Relocation consultants, you can be sure to get the desired ROI from the move.

One of the most – if not THE most – crucial aspect of an IT relocation process is the Migration Project Plan. Shifting a mixed bag of hardware, equipment and software is a mammoth, time-consuming task, and breaking it down into stages – and further into stepwise checklists – is the tried and tested way to reach a successful–and hassle-free–conclusion.

7 Steps To Create A Fool-Proof Data Center Migration Plan

We hope this article helped you arrive at the right decision regarding your organization’s IT infrastructure needs. If you have decided to commit to a DC migration, then remember planning and working with an experienced partner are key to success.
However, picking the right IT relocation partner is a bit tricky as you need to find a company with the right mix of experience, equipment, and governance approach. Our next article explains these points in more detail – stay tuned!

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