10 IT Certifications You Need To Know About

10 IT Certifications You Need to Know About

In the tech industry, certifications help IT professionals prove they have the skills and experience needed to help an organization thrive. Of course, you need to remember that not all certification programs are created equal and that some have more value than others.

Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops

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What it is: The CCNA Cyber Ops means you have expertise in rapid threat detection, a keen awareness of cybersecurity issues, and the capacity to protect companies in a Security Operation Center (SOC) environment.

What You Get: When you earn CCNA Cyber Ops certification, you’ll be ready to work with “associate-level cybersecurity analysts within security operation centers.”

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+)

What it is: CSA+ shows you have an intermediate level of cybersecurity aptitude, including expertise in risk evaluation, threat detection, system setup, and data analysis and interpretation.

What You Get: CSA+ certification program allows you to design security of applications and systems within an organization.

EC-Council Certified Network Defender (CND)

What it is: CND certification is a 40-hour program which includes a laboratory-intensive and instructor-led education.

What You Get: CND includes a wide range of security topics, including:

  • Designing security policy
  • Putting policy into practice
  • Troubleshooting security
  • Conducting risk assessment
  • Understanding how to recognize and react to threats

Google Certified Professional (Cloud Architect)

What it is: The Google Certified Professional (Cloud Architect) certification program teaches cloud architecture skills on the Google Cloud Platform to design, control, carry out, safeguard, and scale cloud solutions for business.

What You Get: The Cloud Architect program helps you develop and arrange a cloud solution architecture, plan for security and compliance, handle the cloud infrastructure and architecture, and maximize processes to reach company goals.

IBM Certified Solutions Architect – SoftLayer v1

What it is: The IBM Certified Solutions Architect – SoftLayer v1 certification program covers building and managing IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure as a service.

What You Get: Those who earn SoftLayer v1 certification will learn how to evaluate a client’s or business’ needs and properly plan and design a cloud solution using a logical diagram.

IBM Certified Designer – IBM Cognos Analytics Author Reports V11

Designed for professional report authors, IBM Cognos Analytics Author Reports certification covers:

  • Report-writing tactics that produce query models
  • SQL that uses relational data models
  • Queries to optimize reports with HTML
  • Suggestions for producing customized reports and taking care of professional reports

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE): Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

What it is: As a certified MCSE in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, you’re covering Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Azure.

What You Get: With MCSE certification, you get the ability to manage a modern data center. Plus, MCSE certification encompasses cloud systems, identity management, systems management, virtualization, data storage, and networking.

MCSE: Mobility

What it is: MCSE: Mobility certification was created to verify skills in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business environment.

What You Get: The MCSE: Mobility certification program is meant for people in desktop support or another field that interfaces with enterprise-level handling of personal mobile hardware and software.

MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert

What it is: MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert certification is designed to validate the abilities of network and computer systems administrators. As a Productivity Solutions Expert, you should also have a programming code abstract technology background of software developer and computer scripts.

What You Get: Accreditation covers abilities essential for transferring to the cloud, boosting efficiency, enhancing data retention, and mitigating security risks in a Microsoft environment.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): App Builder

MCSD: App Builder certification for application developers covers conventional and cutting-edge skills to develop forward-thinking mobile and web applications, as well as other services using Microsoft technology.

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