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The nights are getting shorter, the days are getting longer and we’re all feeling just a little bit more optimistic these days – given the shrinking impact of COVID-19.

With the world poised to (hopefully) open up over the course of the year, there will likely be more opportunities than ever for in-the-know professionals. Keep up with the latest developments by reading about the best jobs for spring, the cybersecurity impacts and job opportunities for those with machine learning skills.

Best Tech Jobs for Spring

While there are quite a few tech jobs associated with high demand, software developer is the most in-demand professional by a wide margin. The number of COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States on a steep rise, and more businesses are shifting to longer-term planning, which includes product development. As a result, there’s an increased need for software developers to create digital products.

The shift to a longer-term focus is also why there’s an increased demand for project managers, who are typically given the job of directing software developers throughout the product-development lifecycle.

As you might expect, there are still many job opportunities for tech professionals. According to CompTIA, tech-sector businesses added 9,700 positions in March. With just about every company in every industry relying on technology, tech professionals should also enjoy healthy prospects outside the technology industry itself.

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COVID a Mixed Bag for Cybersecurity

There’s no lack of data indicating that COVID-required transitions to remote work increased threats related to cybersecurity. However, there has been some data showing cybersecurity progress over the past year in many companies.

One survey from anti-theft software firm Prey discovered 37 percent of respondents saying their IT system was not prepared for the volume of remote staff members they were made to deal with, 36 percent of workers were using untried third-party software and 33 percent of IT departments were way too overwhelmed to keep pace. However, the Prey report also said 59 of tech respondents created or reviewed cybersecurity policies for all employees, while 32 percent did the same for most staff members. In addition, 88 percent of respondents said they have elevated their training efforts since the start of the pandemic, an indication that the state of cybersecurity for remote staff should increase moving forward.

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Cashing in on Machine Learning Skills

According to tech employment analysis company Burning Glass, which gathers up and analyzes an incredible number of job listings from around the country, machine learning career opportunities will grow an incredible 39.3 percent during the next decade. For positions that make considerable use of the technology, the median salary is $107,000.

Maybe best of all, machine learning jobs often don’t require an advanced degree, as an overwhelming majority of postings simply require that applicants have a bachelor’s degree. Software engineer, data analyst and network engineer are the three fastest growing tech positions that incorporate machine learning abilities, according to data from Burning Glass.

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