What Do Your Company’s Job Descriptions Say About Your Culture?


Business people having fun and chatting at workplace officeThe human resources department has a crucial role in affecting and driving a company’s culture, not just from an accountability point of view, but also from the perspective of hiring – making certain the organization hires the right staff members.

A process for hiring staff starts with writing a good job posting, and the language of a posting can say a lot about a business. Employers tend to focus on outlining the job and expertise required to carry out various job duties and often neglect discussing the soft skills that help an employee add to the culture.

When writing a job description, it is essential to consider your ideal applicants, the people you want to reach, and not only the abilities you need for a position. Describing desirable personal qualities in a job description can help attract applicants with the character traits your business wants.

In addition to spelling out the qualities you’d like to see in applicants, it’s also important to use language that is consistent with your company culture. For instance, if your culture values precision and professionalism, it doesn’t make sense to write a job posting with a chill, laid-back vibe.

Below are a few more tips on how to affect your company culture through properly written job descriptions.

Job Descriptions Should Be a Collaboration

Putting together a job description doesn’t have to be a solo effort, and it shouldn’t be.

A human resources representative can address any compliance issues and keep a tactical view of the position relative to other jobs. The position’s supervisor can see that the description includes all the key job duties. Finally, someone currently in the position or in a similar job can offer an essential ‘reality check’ that includes details that only someone doing the job day-in and day-out would understand.

Keep the Ideal Candidate in Mind

Using tone and feel, a well-crafted job description lays out the company culture by making it relatable to the ideal candidate.

Start description by mentioning daily duties, then get into detail about what success would look like in the job. Talk about what qualities are essential, and why they are is essential. Also, mention who would support the development and growth of the employee and how an effective performance adds to both the culture and overall success of the company.

Keep It Simple

When you put a lot of effort into writing something, there’s a temptation to “show your work” by putting a lot on the page. However, too much detail can muddle your message. A good approach is to focus on the key points while doing just enough to make sure your culture comes across loud and clear to top candidates.

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