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Whether you are opening a new facility, relocating or consolidating, you need reliable and experienced IT relocation support to move, add, change and deploy expensive IT equipment in data center and office environments. Milestone Technologies has been the leader in IT Relocation for Silicon Valley businesses for over 20 years. From deployment to decommissioning, our IT relocation delivers exceptional support from highly-skilled experts who work with you to understand your data center and office space needs, then develop and execute an optimized project plan for your IT relocation.

Recent Milestone IT Relocation Success Stories

Milestone replaced 500k hard disk drives for a large social media company experiencing a sudden spike in hardware failures related to their video and photo sharing services.

Milestone relocated 250k servers for a large networking products company that needed to relocate a datacenter from California to Washington.

Milestone audited 300k assets for a major eCommerce company that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.

Milestone deployed 70k client devices for a large for a technology company that specializes in online advertising, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Milestone Data Center Relocation

Companies are turning to data center relocation, restructuring and consolidation to control costs, reduce risk, enhance flexibility, and boost system performance. Milestone Data Center Relocation services get your equipment moved and deployed in new locations to support your business needs.

Milestone IT Office Relocation

With our roots in IT Office Relocation Services, Milestone technicians are well-versed in migration projects and the components that make them successful. We provide viable strategies for migrating IT infrastructure to new office environments safely and securely while minimizing disruptions. Milestone’s IT Relocation Services deliver rapid and efficient projects that maintain your business continuity.

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