Why Work with a Managed Service Provider?

Why Work with a Managed Service Provider?

The Changing Face of IT

As the momentum of advancing technology propels us toward newer possibilities, companies must take longer strides to avoid being left behind in the dust. A strong information technology (IT) structure isn’t just about keeping the gears turning—it’s about enabling innovation and maximizing the potential of every employee.


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) help businesses grow by not only maintaining, but also improving and streamlining crucial IT systems. With 61% of IT leaders aiming to invest in contracted managed services over the next two years, businesses with an MSP partnership will have a competitive edge at, tackling the vast field of IT challenges and clearing room for growth.[1]

The Advantages of Managed Services

By alleviating the stress of IT management from the shoulders of tech leaders, businesses can focus on innovating and developing their core competencies while enjoying the many pros of working with an MSP. These advantages include:

Increased Profitability

According to CompTIA, 46% of companies using MSPs have cut annual IT costs by at least 25%, and of companies with 100 or more employees, 33% considered ROI and cost savings to be a significant factor in their decision to work with an MSP.[2]

  • Better Tools

    Most MSP agreements include access to new technologies, resulting in fewer resources spent on research, product acquisition, training, and implementation.

  • On-Call Experts

    Because consultations with expert technicians are part of the predictable pricing model of MSPs, CIO’s can avoid onboarding individual experts to solve complicated issues.

  • Operational Savings

    Predictable pricing models also help reduce operational expenses, eliminate training costs, prevent downtime, avoid maintenance interruptions, and improve inventory management.

Improved Service Quality

Of those surveyed by CompTIA, 47% of small companies and 56% of large companies considered improvement in efficiency and reliability to be a major deciding factor when choosing to work with an MSP.[3]

  • Proactive

    Managed Services anticipate problems and take preemptive action to avoid time-consuming and costly disruptions.

  • Automated

    Smart MSPs automate daily tasks, such as system support, monitoring, inventory, and interoperability, to speed up and streamline workflows.

  • Secure

    Responsible MSPs use automation to phase out the potential security risks of human error.38% of companies in 2015 actually chose to work with one for enhanced security purposes.[4]

  • Experienced

    MSPs that have experience with businesses of every size and industry are ready for any problem your business may face, and can leverage valuable technical resources in the field.

Advanced Scalability

Every business wants to expand. By minimizing transitional turbulence and creating time and room for scalability, MSPs make IT infrastructures work at their greatest capacity and continue to serve businesses as they grow.

  • Simplify

    MSPs envision the big picture of ITand understand how different platforms and devices interact to create a centralized and efficient system.

  • Adapt

    Companies need experienced MSPs that can help businesses stay relevant and adaptable to industry trends by introducing proactive upgrades that minimize disruption.

  • Focus

    Managed Services free up internal IT teams and allow companies to focus on strategizing corporate initiatives and driving business-specific results.

What Businesses Have to Gain

For companies looking to strengthen and grow, an MSP is a valuable partner. Managed Services give IT leaders peace of mind knowing that their technology is being maintained, studied, and improved by seasoned and qualified experts. MSPs also redirect attention away from daily operational functions, allowing internal IT teams to focus on developing their core competencies. When it comes to reaching new milestones without sacrificing great service, Managed Service Providers are the smart and strategic move.

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