On-Demand Webinar: ServiceNow Security Operations and the CMDB – Better Together

ServiceNow Security Operations and the CMDB – Better Together

Keeping your organization safe from attackers is a hard job. Despite increasing security spend, most companies face significant obstacles to successfully managing cyber risk. Even more, the average dwell time for attackers still sits somewhere within the range of 100 to 140 days. Effective security requires teams to be fervent when it comes to lowering these metrics within their organizations. ServiceNow Security Operations is the solution you need.

So how can you improve Security Operations KPIs? In this webinar, join Milestone as we highlight how the ServiceNow Security Operations platform and central Configuration Management Database can help.

This webinar will help you be:

  • Prepared to identify current state, gaps, and opportunities for your Security Operations infrastructure.
  • Equipped to improve Security Operations KPIs.
  • Able to understand the importance of gaining a single view of your Security Operations on a unified platform.

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About the Speakers

Mike Sarabosing, VP Sales and Delivery, Milestone

Mike brings more than 20 years of applied expertise in IT Security Operations to his role as Milestone’s VP of Sales and Delivery. He has lead Milestone’s Managed Services organization and overseen the company’s technical strategy. He manages large enterprise-scale accounts for Milestone with a focus on maximizing return on technology infrastructure investments. Mike has been with the team for 16 years.

Chris Williams, Security Solution Architect, Security Operations, Milestone

With more than 20 years of applied expertise in Security Operations, IT Operations, Product Development, and Support, Chris assesses, designs, and deploys ServiceNow platform elements to meet client requirements in his role as Security Solutions Architect. He has extensive experience working on high-profile public sector security operation deployments. He maintains a number of professional certifications and specializes in system security, system integration, technical architecture, testing and evaluation, system and network administration, and design.


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