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Return to work with ServiceNow

As states begin to reopen and businesses get ready to welcome back their employees, how to get back to work safely is top of mind. What will the new normal look like in your company? What new requirements will you need to meet? How will you assure employees feel confident they’re in a safe environment where every measure is in place to protect their health and well-being?

In some states like New York, companies are required to put in place a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan that details the methods and procedures to manage COVID-19 risks to employees and customers in the course of operations. The COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan must describe how companies intend to comply with applicable guidance to reopen their business safely. How will you effectively plan and streamline managing and meeting state-mandated requirements and your own workforce’s expectations?

Enter ServiceNow. ServiceNow has expanded its employee workflow portfolio with the ServiceNow Safe Workplace app suite. Powered by the Now Platform, the suite includes four new apps and a dashboard designed to help companies assess their workforce and workplace readiness as they prepare for employees to return to work safely.

Here’s a quick look at the new apps.

  • Employee Readiness Surveys. With this app, you can gauge readiness to return to the workplace, determine how to make employees feel safe, and use results to initiate workspace planning.
  • Employee Health Screening. Screen employees before entering the workplace for compliance with entry requirements. Verify employees’ temperature to confirm it’s within guidelines and ensure they have their required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management. Manage your PPE inventory across locations and facilities to meet the physical safety needs of your workforce and update the inventory based on real-time results.
  • Workplace Safety Management. Create a safe, managed return process with distancing plans, shift assignments, and sanitation schedule.

In addition to these useful apps, there is the ServiceNow Workplace Dashboard. With it, you gain a single, at-a-glance view into your organization’s readiness to reopen locations informed by employee feedback and site preparedness.

ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps

Milestone Can Help Get these Apps Up and Running Quickly

Our in-depth experience working with the ServiceNow platform enables us to quickly assess your needs and customize and integrate your data so we can tailor and create the best experience for your organization to fully optimize all the great features and functionality of these valuable apps. Additionally, with so many new requirements and guidelines to comply with to reopen and the need to continually monitor and adjust as needed to return to work safely, we can help ensure these apps are set up quickly and deployed to your entire workforce so you can more effectively manage new health and safety protocols and quickly access essential information employees share so you can make informed decisions.

Contact us at to get your business reopen-ready with the ServiceNow Safe Workplace app suite. And check out this short video introducing the app suite here.

*Information in this blog is sourced from ServiceNow.

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