All Roads Lead to Rome: What’s New in ServiceNow Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome: What’s New in ServiceNow Rome

What’s New in ServiceNow Rome

Employees and customers continue to require a more seamless experience for their everyday work. To survive in the world of hybrid work, companies need to embrace digital platforms. The ServiceNow Rome release provides hundreds of new features. These features help organizations accelerate how they are keeping up in today’s work environment.

In this blog, we will highlight a few of the coolest features and solutions. ServiceNow is unpacking some pretty cool features for hybrid work. Read on to see what’s getting all the buzz in the Rome release!

ServiceNow Rome creates compelling employee experiences.

Employee Center is ServiceNow’s new standard, multi-department, data-driven portal for service delivery and employee engagement. So, what does that mean? Employee Center provides a consumer-grade portal experience, reduces the need for separate portals, and provides an integrated online experience for users. Additionally, the Employee Center can easily be embedded into Microsoft Teams. You can explore the employee center here.

ServiceNow Employee Center

Expanded Microsoft Teams integration.

Moreover, as employees navigate between remote and office locations over the long term, ServiceNow has prioritized making remote work easier. A Microsoft Teams integration is available as part of the IT Service Management Standard via the Store. However, ITSM Pro is required for Microsoft Teams integration to support Virtual Agent. This helps support Major Incident Management, Employee Experience, and both agent-to-employee and agent-to-agent collaboration. You may also store chats as part of the ITSM record and add meeting recordings to the record.

Powerful new AI and automation capabilities 

In this paragraph, we’ll discuss some of Rome’s AI capabilities. Rome features powerful new AI and automation capabilities that empower IT  teams to work more efficiently from anywhere. Virtual Agent is a huge area of focus for the Rome release. Rome provides more “out of the box” IT Service Management Virtual Agent conversations with access to monthly updates (via a plugin).

Virtual Agent ServiceNow

Moreover, Virtual Agent provides the ability to offer defined conversations to a caller for incident deflection (powered by Predictive Intelligence). Multi-language support for out of box topics and multi-language authoring with previews to review topic translations are also included. Similarly, a quick start guided setup, actionable notifications, an enhanced conversational analytics dashboard, and many, many other IT Service Management enhancements are available.

How Virtual Agent Works

How Milestone can help

In conclusion, Rome is geared toward companies that want to evolve and improve service delivery and take customer support to the next level. Check out Milestone’s Modern Service Desk offering to learn more about how to take advantage of Rome’s robust features.

ServiceNow IT Service Management



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