Why a Configuration Management Database Matters More than you Realize

Why a Configuration Management Database Matters More than you Realize

Why a Configuration Management Database Matters More than You Realize

According to research, 75% of all downtime is caused by how technology is being used, configured, and administered. In our experience, customer engagements for ServiceNow Event Management, Security Operations, and Software Deployment can be delayed because they typically have to take on Configuration Management Database (CMDB) remediation tasks.

Or even worse, these tools are never adopted because of a lack of confidence in the CMDB. We strongly advise companies to identify and remediate CMDB issues before they derail your success. Since CMDB is leveraged in the IT service management solution and is essential for the IT operations management solution and root cause analysis, it’s vital to ensure the integrity of it on a regular basis.

Much of the value of the ServiceNow platform cannot be unlocked in the absence of a reliable CMDB and if it isn’t trusted, it isn’t used.

Configuration Management Database Health Check

Conducting a CMDB health check will result in transparency of current state and actionable plans to remediate to all stakeholders and users.

The health check defines what aspects of the CMDB must be present, and when to underpin a ServiceNow roadmap. Applications like Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), Security Operations and Event Management should not be addressed until the underpinning data model is established and populated. If this isn’t possible for whatever reason, the health check enables the organization to right-size user and stakeholder expectations regarding what capabilities will and will not be present as these applications launch, and how they will improve and expand as the CMDB evolves.

Bottom line: A health check will establish the roadmap to a trusted CMDB. The ServiceNow CMDB and related tools have evolved significantly, and Milestone can help ensure you are using what you already own.

Check out our on-demand webinar: CMDB Health Check: Leveraging the CMDB for Business Success to learn more.


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