Milestone Helps Epicor Dramatically Improve its Customer Experience with ServiceNow Customer Service Management

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Epicor is a world class software company providing business operation support to some of the world’s most valued brands including, Ace Hardware, Energizer, Hyatt, Big Ass Solutions and True Value.

Problem (Opportunity)

Epicor had conducted a customer survey to ascertain how they could improve their customer experience. The resounding response from survey participants identified that Epicor could make dramatic improvements to service by reducing initial response time and increasing the timeliness of communications.

Tool Selection

Epicor evaluated industry-standard CRM and IT Service Management systems to meet their customer support needs. Their selection criteria focused on a system that would provide the ability to improve responsiveness and service delivery, increase support technician productivity and automate standard processes.

Additionally, they wanted a single system for their support agents to provide comprehensive customer support, one that would increase collaboration between support agents and operational support teams and give Epicor agents real-time updates of the customers’ service level agreements.

Epicor chose ServiceNow® Customer Service Management technology to achieve these improvements.


Milestone provided Epicor with an experienced team of Solution Architects, Technical Consultants, and Engagement Managers to successfully implement Customer Service Management across the organization. The team created process guides specifically developed for ensuring the most efficient and effective use of the ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform.


Epicor was committed to merging data and processes from nearly 40 systems. The data centralization effort alone was an epic task. Sourcing data from many systems required not only technical but also organizational acumen. Covestic dedicated resources specifically to this effort and was able to systematize the entire process and ensure data accuracy. From the process perspective, Covestic worked closely with the stakeholders to develop a unified customer service process and ensure acceptance of the new process across the organization.


Epicor support agents now utilize the service level management system to ensure they are meeting the support level requirements customers have been promised. Via its CTI integration, support agents are provided detailed information about the customer and are able to more efficiently process the support case for the customer.

Epicor evaluates its customer support improvements through Impacted User Minutes, Re-Open Rate, and First level Resolution Rate. These metrics allow Epicor to easily measure and quantify the improvements to their customer support. The implementation of ServiceNow Customer Service Management has greatly improved their overall customer experience delivery.

To quantify the results of the implementation, ServiceNow commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ study with Forrester® and Epicor in June 2017.  A team of analysts from Forrester determined that Epicor achieves the following benefits:

  • In three years (risk-adjusted), Epicor expects to achieve a 104% ROI, 3% incremental revenue growth, 1% improvement in customer retention, and a three-fold improvement in reporting and tracking.
  • Consolidation of more than 15 CRM-based support systems and 50 customer portals into a single global support platform for their 20,000 customers worldwide.
  • Improved customer service experience by resolving issues fast. Common questions are addressed quickly via self-service options. More complex questions are routed to the right teams using automated workflows.
  • An increase of 10 percentage points in Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the first 10 months.
  • Increased agent productivity by providing better access to customer information, including their transaction data as well as support history.

(Read the full report: Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, How Epicor Software Achieves 104% ROI by Transforming Global Customer Support, June 2017.)

When it was time for us to take our customer service delivery to the next level, we determined that Customer Service Management was the right approach and ServiceNow was the provider to deliver it. To ensure we maximized that investment, we chose Covestic as our trusted partner to help us successfully implement and roll out what has been a game-changer for how we service our customers.– Chris Orr, Vice President, Support Strategy, Epicor


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