Grow your business with these top 10 Salesforce companies in Canada!

Every business has a goal in mind and these help you aim for the moon. When you set goals, you have fixed KPIs to see whether your business is succeeding or not. You can control your business’ movement and direction with goals and reach your target faster and more effectively.  

Every business starts out with the aim of growing quickly but is that aim enough to bring success? Not in today’s competitive world! Today you need something more – and that is a proper strategy to achieve the goal as well as you can. And that is where Salesforce comes into the picture.   

Focused on your business needs, and your target audience, Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management system that can help your company to reach its goal! And how does it make this happen? Salesforce consulting services help you put your customer success first, and in the process, focus on improving your own business performance. Should you be looking for a Salesforce Consultant or consulting companies? Well, yes, if your goals include attracting more customers, improving interactions with them, and getting to know customers’ needs, then Salesforce consulting is the right choice. 

But how will you find the right Salesforce consultant? Just read on! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 Salesforce consulting and development companies in Canada and these have everything you need – a solid track record, a wealth of experience, and a sterling reputation. 

Groundswell Cloud Solutions 

A Canadian company that helps businesses with Salesforce, Groundswell specializes in customizing Salesforce for different industries, making it work smarter for your unique needs. They collaborate closely with customers to ensure high-quality implementation. Groundswell began with a single Salesforce expert and has grown steadily since then with its cross-cloud expertise. 

Founded: 2012  

Email:| Contact: (604) 628-3421 

Address:  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Milestone Technologies 

Milestone stands apart from the other wide variety of Salesforce consulting companies in Canada with its strong presence in Canada, USA, and India. The company is firmly rooted in India and combines multinational market expertise with the cost-effectiveness of India, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking for synergy between results and cost-effectiveness. Specializing in Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Tableau, CPQ, Commerce Cloud, DevOps, and Non-profit Cloud, Milestone brings you the right strategic solutions to meet all your business KPIs. 

Founded: 2009 

Email: | Contact: (877) 651-2454

Address: 2201 Walnut Ave, Ste 290
Fremont, CA 94538

Algoworks Solutions Inc 

Known for helping businesses enhance their growth and productivity, Algoworks specializes in Salesforce consulting, development, customization, integration, and migration. They have been operating globally for over a decade and are experts in various Salesforce products like Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and 

Founded: 2006 

Email: | Contact: +1 (877) 284 1028 

Address: Sunnyvale, California, USA 

Codleo Consulting 

A relatively new entrant, Codleo Consulting focuses on collaboration and communication with a team skilled in Salesforce and strong in project management. Their range of solutions and expertise includes strategic consulting, complete development and deployments, custom app and mobile solutions on the Salesforce Platform, systems integration, data analytics, Pardot Implementation and training, Salesforce quick-start solutions, and non-profit support.  

Founded: 2019 

Email:| Contact: 9899999509 

Address: New Delhi, Delhi, India 

CRM Consulting Corp.  

Providing expert Salesforce consulting services through by-the-hour Salesforce Sales Cloud support, training, and strategic support, CRM is a sister concern to Marketing Automation Canada. The company is based in Toronto and has serviced hundreds of clients since its inception.  

Founded: 2008 

Email: | Contact: +1-437-703-2699 

Address: Unit 403, 2333 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON M6R 1X6 

CUBE84 inc 

A comprehensive Salesforce Consulting and Implementation company, CUBE84 provides a wide range of services. The company is solely dedicated to Salesforce and has a deep understanding of the platform’s technical aspects and industry-specific requirements. Whether you require customization, implementation, or ongoing support, CUBE84 is a good choice. 

Founded: 2015 

Email: | Contact: +1 202-505-1056 

Address: Arlington, Washington DC, USA. 

Bison & Bird 

Bison & Bird is focused on company digitization by way of process automation, operations integration, and data transformation. Known for offering great employee and customer experiences with a customer-centric design, Bison & Bird provides real-world benefits. It caters to businesses dealing with Consulting, Data Center Automation, Professional Services, Software, and Software Engineering. 

Founded: 2021 

Email: | Contact: 403-768-3390 

Address: #303, 1812-4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2S-1W1. 

Dotsquares Technologies 

Dotsquares is a well-established IT company specializing in services including web and app development, custom software development, cloud computing, and CRM consulting. With a strong presence in multiple countries, Dotsquares serves a diverse client base, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations. They have successfully completed more than 20,000 projects for over 12,500 clients. 

Founded: 2002 

Email: | Contact: (+44) 208 0901819 

Address: Unit 2 Hobbs Court, 2 Jacob Street, London, United Kingdom. 

Robots & Pencils 

Robots & Pencils has a track record of creating scalable and cutting-edge Salesforce solutions for various industries. Their team of highly skilled professionals, including web, mobile, design, and UX experts, collaborate to develop innovative products that are both technically robust and visually appealing. They ensure seamless integration with your existing workflows, resulting in significant business impact. 

Founded: 2009 

Email: | Contact: +1-8665159897 

Address: 1130, 150 – 9th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB Canada T2P 3H9. 

Teqfocus Solutions Inc. 

Teqfocus is a Salesforce Consultant with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and additional offices in the US, India, and the UK. With a diverse team of technology experts, Teqfocus is highly regarded as one of the top technology companies to collaborate with. The company specializes in conceptualizing, designing, engineering, building, and managing products to create impactful experiences for enterprises seeking to innovate and scale their operations. 

Founded: 2016 

Email: | Contact: 1 (416) 941-348 

Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce is that the program helps companies provide awesome experiences to consumers. When you have a Salesforce partner with you, you can turn your attention toward the other priorities associated with delivering strong customer service. Would you like to collaborate with a professional team to start implementing Salesforce in your company? If yes, all you have to do is connect with any of the above-mentioned experts, who have the experience you need, to get started on this impressive platform.  


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