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Major Port Cuts Over On Time During COVID Thanks to Milestone Application Services

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Milestone Application Services Meets The Challenge

This global top 20, highly automated port faced a critical cutover date to outsource its 24/7 IT support to Milestone following a divestiture. The key mission-critical system had to be cut over before functionality provided by the divesting organization was turned off. The cutover date was fixed and could not change. This client managed their complex business processes using a combination of custom, off-the-shelf, and cloud-based applications. Their existing processes and tools were not conducive to agile development and the frequent rollout of features was required by their business model. Also, some of their legacy systems needed modernization, as they were written in a language that was not suitable for enterprise workflows and business processes.

Milestone’s Solution

Milestone delivered multiple Application Services including Divestiture Transition, Enterprise Architecture, Custom Development, and Operational Support. Milestone’s strategy was to modernize and automate the company’s build process to support incremental releases, not just focus on the initial rewrites. Milestone reviewed their processes, tools, and team structure, then recommended and implemented an automated DevOps infrastructure using Bitbucket, JIRA, Jenkins, and Docker. This allowed global teams to work independently yet collaborate closely.

The Impact

Spread across 4 countries, the project team had planned for extensive travel to meet the aggressive cutover date. Despite the COVID travel ban, the cutover took place on time thanks to Milestone’s expertise, careful planning, remote agile methodologies, and online collaboration infrastructure. Our client now has a modern infrastructure, modern tools, the ability to frequently roll out new application functionality, and a fully modernized asset management system to manage maintenance and repair activities.

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