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Milestone DEX: A Healthy Dose of Innovation

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Client Challenge

A large pharma and healthcare company with over 100k end users was experiencing high operational overhead and an overdependency on IT. Plus, their reactive service desk with a 50% increase in tickets due to work from home, limited insights into remote issues, and a lack of connecting to customers directly.

Milestone Approach

Top-down leadership wanted to deliver ‘choice with responsibility’. The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution supported the continuation of the company wide initiative to work from anywhere. The implementation of automation solved end user incidents and secured devices without human intervention.



The DEX initiative resulted in a 75% reduction in MTTR (mean time to resolve), improved patch success across the more than 100K devices, and a significant reduction in incident volume for support technicians. Additionally, the sentiment analysis provided real-time feedback and actionable insights that contributed to substantial improvements.

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