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Transportation Services Firm Reduces Service Desk Costs with Milestone Virtual Agents

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The Challenge

This client is a multinational transportation services and ride-hailing company. They have over 20,000 employees in 80+ countries generating over 30,000 IT service tickets annually. Due to rapid growth, the company’s existing IT help desks could not scale and support the exponentially increasing number of employees. Also, their end-users increasingly wanted a choice of communication channels and faster turnaround time for their issues.Transportation Services Firm Reduces Service Desk Costs with Milestone Virtual Agents

Milestone Approach

Milestone’s Cognitive Automation team recommended developing and deploying an AI-based Virtual Agent to complement the human staff in the company’s IT service desks.  The team designed the Virtual Agent to deflect most common requests, such as password resets, away from L1 and L2 human agents.  The Milestone team also implemented the Virtual Agent so employees would have multiple avenues for interacting with it, including Slack and a ServiceNow portal.  Behind the scenes, the Virtual Agent integrated with existing corporate systems to resolve issues.

For example, an employee could engage with the Virtual Agent to reset a password via Slack.  The Virtual Agent would create a ServiceNow ticket, then proactively engage with the end-user via a secure Slack direct message. Next, it would work with the end-user to complete the password reset by integrating it into the company’s Okta SSO system.  Finally, the Virtual Agent would close the ServiceNow ticket.


The automated Virtual Agent created by Milestone’s Cognitive Automation team has already racked up some impressive statistics.  It is currently supporting 3,000,000 annual conversations.

The Virtual Agent allows for complete deflection and resolution of over 30% of all incoming tickets. It is also managing 100% of incoming case triage and assigning complex tasks to L2 human agents.

By the Numbers

Metric Value
Annual conversations 3,000,000
Case deflection rate 30%
Incoming case triage 100%

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