Tech News Roundup: Digital Transformation and IT Process Improvements

Tech News Roundup: Digital Transformation and IT Process Improvements

Here’s a look at the latest IT stories to make headlines this week.

Tech Target Search IT: IT ops pros predict routes to DevOps efficiency in 2018
Expert IT professionals and analysts — many of whom write tips on the tools and technologies you use every day — lay out their predictions for where IT operations are heading in 2018. Everyone expects a heavier emphasis on DevOps efficiency through smarter adoption and evolved tools and practices. Another broad IT trend to plan for is an increased reliance on the cloud for enterprise IT workloads. And IT pros should position themselves to meet the demand for knowledgeable coders.

CIO: 12 reasons why digital transformations fail
Digital transformations are fashionable these days. You won’t find an enterprise that isn’t leveraging some combination of cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to better serve customers or streamline operations. But here’s a hard truth about digital transformations: Many are failing outright or are in danger of failing. Experts surveyed by say there are specific impediments to driving the requisite change that transforms an enterprise. Following are 12 issues derailing digital transformations today.

Tech Target Search IT: IT process improvements lurk in every onerous incident
IT process improvements are born out of bottlenecks, errors, and user frustration. The root cause of an IT incident often highlights where the IT team should adjust and mature its operations. This correlation, however, is easier to talk about than act upon. It takes time to investigate and determine how to run IT processes more smoothly, especially when any immediate issues take priority over eventual improvement. The best way to get lasting results from the IT incident management process is to go in with a plan.

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