The Size of Your IT Department Doesn’t Matter. Don’t be the Next Company to be Breached.


Don’t be the next big company to be breached.

Cyber-attacks continue to plague organizations across the globe. At Milestone, we know the best time to prepare for a cyber-attack is before it happens and to constantly be evaluating Cyber Security Best Practices.

Security Operations is Right in our Wheelhouse

Cyber Security, Privacy & Compliance

Security Operations is an area that Milestone specializes in, and for good reason. Recently, one of the world’s largest tech consultancy firms fell victim to a ransomware attack and this news is turning heads across the country. The article states it’s too soon to tell what the financial damage will be; however, the damage to reputation has already been done.

It’s Not Just About Your Organization, It is about Protecting Your Customer’s Data

Whether it is with vendors, partners, or providers, this breach highlights the importance of constantly scrutinizing your security standards within these different pillars of your business. This is always top of mind at Milestone and in fact, we recently conducted a webinar on Mitigating Third-Party Privacy Risks with ServiceNow to cover this very issue. In 2019, 50% of data breaches involving personal information were caused by third-party vendors. It is not going to get better; in fact, the likelihood is that it will get worse. Cybercrime has increasingly been an area of mass concern, and since the beginning of the pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600% (PurpleSec).

Don’t neglect the importance of cyber security. Our security experts want to hear from you! Need insight into current cyber security best practices or just need a second opinion? Send us an email at and one of our industry-leading experts will get back to you with the answers you need.

As Neil Rerup once said, “True cyber security is preparing for what’s next, not what was last.

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