Top 10 tips to become a Dynamics CRM Developer

It is everyone’s dream to work in a domain where the demand is high, the pay lucrative and the choices widespread. A career in Dynamics CRM is one career path that technical developers can choose without too much worry. This blog will help you with 10 tips to become the best Dynamics CRM Developer you can be. At a high-level, this is what you need to do –

Create a CRM Career Map

You should identify your area of interest in CRM. Rather than having a vague knowledge on the broader CRM concepts, try to focus on any suitable area of your interest. This can include specialization in modules like Sales, Service and Marketing or on the CRM customization and configuration side or focus on integrating CRM with other applications. In short, it is not necessary that you should be a core developer to work on CRM.

Read about Dynamics CRM 

Reading always open doors to the world of knowledge. Update yourself on the latest releases and changes happening in the CRM industry. Keep an eye on Microsoft CRM blogs and other blogs by the industry pioneers.

Join the Dynamics CRM Community 

Community is a platform which provides wide range of learning opportunities for a CRM user. It is a place from where you can get expert opinions for your issues. A ‘always ready to help’ group of people will guide you to understand more about Dynamics. This open forum is the ‘best class room’ for a CRM beginner where we will get opportunity to interact with industry top people including Dynamics MVPs. If you want to start a career in CRM, join the Dynamics community at

Gain Certifications 

Imagine getting a certification from Microsoft which has worldwide acceptance! Microsoft provides opportunities to showcase your CRM skills to the world by achieving various certifications. You will also get reference documents from their learning portal. Certification adds value and increases the confidence recruiters and employers will have when they go through your resume.  Know more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification at

Attend CRM conferences 

Attending various meetings and conferences related to CRM enables you to understand more on the platform and the latest happenings in the industry. So, if you get a chance don’t hesitate to be a part of CRM global meets, webinar and other sessions. From these conferences you can find similar minded people and can grow your CRM network. So, get ready for the next CRM conference!!

Write about CRM 

Reading helps us to gain knowledge while writing enables us to share the knowledge with others. It also helps to gain attention from people who are interested in Dynamics CRM. So, whenever you learn anything new about CRM write about it and share with others. You can start a personal blog to share your views and thoughts on CRM related things. You can also share your articles in Microsoft Community which will provide a global platform for your content. Writing blogs and contributing to discussions on the same will help you to understand the concepts very well and will make you more confident on what you are working on. Along with reading CRM related articles, start writing your own.

Start Networking 

Always try to be a part of CRM related groups and communities in medias like LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Meeting like-minded people will enable you to discuss CRM related things and eventually to grow your career. So, whenever you get a chance, try to connect with Dynamics CRM experts and share your views and thoughts with them. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from them whenever needed.

Develop your own CRM tools 

No knowledge is small when it comes to learning. Once you start working on Dynamics you may get chance to develop small products related to CRM. It may be a small piece of code that may solve a huge business problem. Always try to develop small products or free tools in Dynamics. It will help you to gain strong knowledge on the platform while showcasing your expertise to the rest of the world. Microsoft Appsource is a great platform to showcase your products. Know more at

Analyze before Coding 

While you are itching to jump right into creating the best solution for your client’s or your business’ problem, try and start by analyzing various methods that will give you a clear picture of what you want to implement. It also reduces the chance of making mistakes. Understanding the key business scenarios is critical before you develop something. Sometimes it is not necessary that coding is needed to solve the problem – there may be some other way to accomplish it by system level configurations or customizations. As a CRM developer, always think about the best CRM way to solve a problem. So, think before you code.

Write Code 

There is no short cut for coding! To become a CRM Developer, you should train yourself in coding. Always try to follow standard coding conventions and practices which the industry follows. Gain knowledge in CRM SDK, Plugin development and custom workflows. Keep improving your code quality and perform unit testing on your code.

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