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CMDB Chat – Vlog 6: The Value of Mature CMDB to ITSM
Welcome back to CMDB Chat! In this episode, the Director of the ServiceNow ITX Practice, Scott Trumble, leads a discussion highlighting how a mature configuration management database (CMDB) can help improve ROI in ITSM. Our first segment, ServiceNow Solutions Architect Kenneth Dowdle examines the differences in IT asset management and configuration management in ServiceNow. In session two, our team...
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How to Be Successful in a (Relatively) Flat Organization
On the surface, working in a company with a ‘flat’ structure – with very few layers of management – sounds great. Because there are less people between the bottom level of the company and the top, lower-level employees feel like they have a bigger voice and more autonomy. However, a flat structure means limited opportunities...
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Innovate or Stagnate: How is your company embracing emerging IT Service Desk Trends?
Strategic technology roadmaps are the holy grail for global organizations to stay competitive and thrive. By 2026, 54% of CIOs will drive business transformation using strategic technology roadmaps to facilitate a nimble and data-driven workforce, as per the IDC FutureScape Report.As organizations proactively integrate AI automation to their advantage, the future of IT Service Desk...
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Top 6 Questions to Ask in a Tech-Based Interview
In a tech interview, a lot of the focus is understandably on technology itself; however, a big part of doing any tech job is having the necessary soft skills to navigate work environments and the nature of the job itself. The following six questions dig into IT candidates’ soft skills that are extremely relevant in any tech job....
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What Do Your Company’s Job Descriptions Say About Your Culture?
The human resources department has a crucial role in affecting and driving a company’s culture, not just from an accountability point of view, but also from the perspective of hiring – making certain the organization hires the right staff members. A process for hiring staff starts with writing a good job posting, and the language...
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Revolutionizing Business Process Automation with Microsoft Power Platform and Milestone Technologies
Efficiency is the key to staying ahead. Microsoft Power Platform is a robust suite of business tools that offers unparalleled opportunities to streamline and automate business processes. Milestone Technologies has the proven expertise to help your business leverage the capabilities of Power Platform to enhance and empower your business processes for greater usability, efficiency, and...
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What You Need to Know About the Tech Interview Process
Ask tech professionals about applying to jobs and you’ll likely hear some grousing about the duration of interviews, or how they rarely hear back after applying. These are legitimate complaints, but tech professionals would do well to have a good understanding of the typical hiring processes in their field. If you would like to learn...
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Sustainable Business Growth Strategies for A New And Highly Competitive World
While many businesses have gone back to pre-COVID practices, the pandemic has undoubtedly made an impact on companies’ efforts moving forward. The pandemic has offered us many business lessons and exposed practices that turned out to be unsustainable. Considering the recent past and present reality, business leaders should be looking at ways to increase durability...
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Making Your Nintex to Microsoft Power Platform Migration a Success with Milestone Technologies
Migrating your business processes from the Nintex platform to the Microsoft Power Platform may seem like a daunting task, however, with the right approach and a trusted guide, it can be a smooth transition. At Milestone Technologies, we pride ourselves on facilitating successful migrations, ensuring that your business can leverage the full potential of the...
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Granular Ways to Grow Your Tech Career
If you’re a tech professional, you probably know the big steps you can take when it comes to growing your career: earn a degree, earn a certification, or learn a new programming language. However, there are also small, granular ways you can advance your career that don’t require large investments of time and money. Consider...
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How to Research Your Next Interviewer
Unfortunately, job candidates often don’t take time to assess whether a potential manager is going to be good for them. But they should, as pre-interview research is a great opportunity to glean information regarding their approach to leadership, their expectations of you, and their personality. A boss or manager can have a substantial effect on...
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Becoming an Employer of Choice: Strategies and Tactics to Attract the Best Talent
Think about the companies that you would like to work for, and you may come up with names like Cisco, Adobe, or SAP. These employers of choice didn’t get to be that way by accident. They made a conscious effort to build the type of workplace that attracts the best talent. Fortunately, becoming a highly...
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