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An Enterprise Guide to the Hybrid Office
As the Senior Director of Digital Workplace Services at Milestone Technologies Inc., I understand the challenges faced by the C-suite in managing the evolving workplace. The rise of hybrid work, where employees split their time between remote and on-site work, has become a reality for businesses across industries. In this blog post, we will explore...
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Why Does MTTR matter?
In the fast-paced realm of IT, swift issue resolution is key for businesses to ensure seamless operations. Yet, many IT teams grapple with effectively reducing the mean time to resolution (MTTR). As the Senior Director of Digital Workplace Services at Milestone Technologies, let me explain why MTTR should be a key metric for your organization...
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Is Your Career Stalled? Take These Steps To Jump Start It
It’s normal to occasionally feel stuck in a rut at your job or feel like your career isn’t going according to plans. While you may know you need to do something to jump-start your career, taking steps toward doing so can feel daunting. However, the steps most people need to bring are simple and easy...
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Mastering the Technical Interview
Interviews for IT positions aren’t like standard job interviews, typically involving coding challenges and assignments. In a technical job interview, you must prove you have the abilities essential to succeed in the position instead of just telling the interviewer you have the necessary skills and experience. The objective of the technical interview shouldn’t be to...
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Milestone Helps Epicor Dramatically Improve its Customer Experience with ServiceNow Customer Service Management
Epicor is a world class software company providing business operation support to…
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Compete With Culture: The Ultimate Hiring Edge
It’s no secret that a company’s culture can make the difference when it comes to attracting top talent. But just throwing culture-related phrases like “work hard, play hard” into job descriptions isn’t enough to lure in top performers. When appealing to job seekers, it’s important to share why people like coming into (or logging into)...
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CMDB Chat – Vlog 8: The Importance of a CMDB Roadmap and Strategy Planning
Welcome back to CMDB Chat! How do we work with customers to help them get the most ROI from their investment in ServiceNow and their CMDB? Dondi Beers and Kate Baldwin from our advisory service practice stop by to discuss configuration management database (CMDB) strategy and Road mapping. VIEW THE ENTIRE SERIESStay tuned for more...
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The Key to Leading Is Learning
Being a manager means coming to terms with the contrasts between the myth of management – and the reality. When people first become supervisors, they tend to focus on their formal authority; the rights and benefits that come with getting the promotion. However, they soon find that formal authority is a very limited power source,...
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CMDB Chat – Vlog 7: The Value of Mature CMDB for Event Management and Vulnerability Response
Welcome back to CMDB Chat! Remediation of vulnerability items becomes more time-consuming with an immature CMDB, especially if assignment rules cannot be derived from the configuration items. In this CMDB Chat session, Solution Architect Austin Harrison discusses the benefits of a mature, healthy configuration management database (CMDB) in event management in ServiceNow. Robert Dion and...
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4 Top IT Service Desk Practices For Maximizing User Experience
According to a Salesforce Report, 84% of customers say that being treated like a person, not a number, is essential to winning their business. How does your business differentiate itself in a competitive space where customers have a dizzying number of options to choose from? Cementing a strong and lasting brand reputation with a user-centric...
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Legal Service Delivery That Really Delivers – Get More Performance with Milestone
In an increasingly complex business world, legal teams need robust, efficient tools to streamline operations and improve service delivery.  That’s where Milestone Technologies comes in to revolutionize how legal teams manage their workflow by leveraging the power of ServiceNow®. We leverage can help you implement solutions for automating tasks, managing documents, and tracking legal requests...
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Unleash the Power of ServiceNow for Legal Teams and Discover Enhanced Efficiency, Accuracy, and Savings with Milestone Technologies
Legal service delivery has never been more challenging. Amid the rush of caseloads, document management, and administrative tasks, how can a legal team maintain a high level of efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness? The answer is simple: ServiceNow and Milestone Technologies. We can guide you toward improved legal service delivery. Increased Efficiency: Streamlining Operations with ServiceNow...
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