Milestone Streamlines IT Processes for Wilbur-Ellis to Increase Efficiencies

About the Company

Wilbur-Ellis is an industry leader in the international distribution and marketing of nutrients for the livestock, plant protection and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture and animal nutrition industries. Wilbur-Ellis generates more than $3 billion in sales revenue annually and has over 100 locations across the U.S., Canada, and Asia. Wilbur-Ellis utilizes ServiceNow IT Service Management to transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT for its 4,000 employees.

About the Partnership

While searching for a senior level administrator, Wilbur Ellis had a need for ServiceNow expertise and support for their internal team. Above all, they needed help with their customized hardware requests process flow, and help with their heavily used catalog items with tasks and approvals that touched nearly every area in their IT organization. Ineffective and error-prone, their hardware request process was too manual, lacking automation and offered no management visibility or reporting capabilities. The Willbur-Ellis team was also running the Jakarta version of ServiceNow and needed extended support to help them upgrade to the London version to take advantage of the latest functionality on the ServiceNow platform.


Willbur-Ellis selected the Milestone Virtual Developer on Demand (DoD) managed service, providing them access to a team of certified experts to help them take full advantage of the ServiceNow platform on a monthly subscription-based model.  Comprised of a world-class team of experienced professionals averaging over 15 years of consulting and IT industry experience, the Developer on Demand team provided a deep understanding of Wilbur-Ellis’ ServiceNow environment, processes, and procedures.

Rather than launching multiple costly projects, Wilbur-Ellis was able to leverage the flexibility of the Developer on Demand service to get a variety of projects done under a single, cost-effective agreement.  This service enabled the cleanup of their backlog, including several catalog items considered critical to their business, and worked to improve their customized hardware request process by automating Service Catalog updates received daily from HR for hardware requests.


 By leveraging the Milestone Developer on Demand Program, Wilbur-Ellis:

  • Configured their Service Catalog to automate a previously manual process for hardware orders and setups saving 8 hours of manual work per week.
  • Enabled an email connector to automate the creation of HR reporting of termination, leave of absence and new hires saving 7 hours of manual work per week
  • Kept pace with constant ServiceNow demand and change while also making tremendous headway on their backlog, completing over 40% of the backlog in only 3 months.

The Milestone team also led the upgrade of ServiceNow from Jakarta to London, which allows the Willbur-Ellis team to take advantage of the latest functionality on the ServiceNow platform.


“ The Milestone Developer on Demand service has enabled our IT organization to support enterprise needs in a more timely and communicative manner. It has also given us access to a world-class team of ServiceNow expertise to help us make the most of our ServiceNow investment so that we can continue to scale the product to meet our ongoing needs, reduce costs, solve business issues, and increase the value and ease of the services we provide.”

– Jameson Wick, Enterprise Support Center Manager, Wilbur-Ellis



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