Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide: Effective Communication & Collaboration to Prepare for a Security Breach

The Ultimate Guide for Teams using the ServiceNow Security Operations Platform

In recent years, cybersecurity breaches have been in the headlines too often. In a time when the threat of a breach is more pervasive than ever, proactively evaluating and implementing new processes and tools can help to mitigate the massive damages your company may incur in the event of a cybersecurity crisis.

This guide shares insights on process elements and ServiceNow capabilities to improve the overall effectiveness of communication and collaboration during a cybersecurity crisis.

After reading this guide, you will:

  • Understand why coordination is necessary to prevent additional vulnerabilities
  • Be prepared to establish a common methodology and clearly define roles and responsibilities to ensure a positive business outcome after a breach
  • Understand how the ServiceNow Security Operations platform provides the capabilities to enable you to effectively communicate and collaborate in the event of a security breach
  • Recognize the impact on the bottom line that cybersecurity incidents can have on organizations

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