ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery (LSD)

Transforming your legal service delivery

Milestone offers you the advantage of ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery (LSD) – a solution that replaces manual legal service processes with a high-velocity digital experience. Empowering legal teams to make data-driven decisions and enhance productivity and efficiency in legal workflows.

  • Efficient legal workflows
  • Legal demand anticipation
  • Risk Reduction
  • Strategic legal functioning
  • Process modernization

What an Efficient Legal Service Delivery should be. And more.

ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery provides a comprehensive and efficient suite of offerings, solutions, and services, including advanced features and benefits, that leverage cutting-edge capabilities to maximize legal operations productivity.

Modernize Legal Services Delivery. Boost efficiency.

ServiceNow LSD enables you to transform and modernize your legal operations, boosting efficiency.

  • Simplify legal operations
  • Reduce manual tasks
  • Increase cost-effectiveness
  • Improve Risk Management
Gain greater productivity through self-service and Automation

The convenience of self-service and the efficiency of automation can prove to be a game-changer, enabling you to achieve faster resolution times.

  • Self-service
  • Response automation
  • Improve speed of legal decisions
  • Improve productivity of practitioners
Drive continuous improvement

ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery empowers you with powerful capabilities to streamline your legal operations and achieve business objectives.

  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Gain insights into demand
  • Make informed decisions
  • Increase collaboration
  • Improve compliance

Download the Datasheet

Download the datasheet to learn why the top companies in the world choose Milestone for their ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery (LSD).

Why Milestone?

Forge partnerships that create a lasting impact

Milestone’s impact on its clients is mirrored in its recognition for service delivery, its average ServiceNow CSAT score of 4.4/5, NPS score of 71.9, and enduring client relationships spanning 26+ years.

Milestone’s services enable you to optimize your legal operations, creating unprecedented value for your business and clients.

  • Streamline workflows
  • Improve efficiencies and response quality
  • Enhance productivity and collaboration
  • Improve compliance








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