Author: Jillian Hall-Robinson

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As a business owner or manager, you know that a key way to reduce spend and improve profitability is to manage your IT projects with greater care. Unfortunately, many IT projects completely or partially fail, leading to:
With Covestic's Program Development capabilities for ServiceNow Advisory Services Digital Transformation, we help you leverage the ServiceNow platform’s full capabilities and execute the right digital transformation strategy.
A key step in your journey to digitally transforming your business is understanding how to harness the full potential of your technical capabilities. That’s where Covestic’s Process Management services come into the picture.
Let’s get to the meat of the matter: When developing your ServiceNow Advisory Services Digital Transformation Roadmap, you’ve got to remember 2 things: You’re not just doing it for your internal departments to streamline tech support incidents, ease HR duties, or funnel leads into your sales pipeline—you’re doing it to interact and communicate with customers  And you just can’t build a roadmap from thin air. You’ve got to have a plan, however tight or loose it is
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