Utah’s Top 3 vistas of Customer Service Management (CSM)

Utah Rainbow Bridge

Utah’s Top 3 vistas of Customer Service Management (CSM)

When I think Utah, I think Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. Just about every summer, I see gorgeous pictures from family and friends who have just visited Moab, and I instantly get jealous of the vistas they have seen.

And to celebrate these western marvels even more—and in honor of ServiceNow’s Utah release—I’m sharing some grand “vistas” of Customer Service Management.

#1 Vista – AI Search for CSM Configurable Workspace

While not quite as cool as ChatGPT just yet, you can now use AI Search for CSM Configurable Workspace. AI Search for CSM gives you access to the ServiceNow platform’s search functionality for:

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Natural Language Processing

This is a major leap forward in search capabilities and provides great “views” of CSM information.

AI Search Index

#2 Vista – Call Me, Baby – Omnichannel Callback

I am sure that if I’m hiking around Arches, I would appreciate it if the travel agency called me back after my adventuring. Fortunately, with Utah’s new Omnichannel Callback functionality, your CSM customers can request an Agent to call them back at a scheduled time (or as soon as possible).

As a customer, I personally love this functionality.  I remember the first time it was offered to me on a customer support phone line, I quickly selected the option and wonder how I every lived without it. Plus, the “callback” functionality lets your customers be more productive and “view” other vistas as they await your agent’s assistance.


Omnichannel Callback


#3 Vista – Case Task Can See More Information of Case

Sometimes you hike kind of far into the national park and maybe wander a little off the beaten path to get some personal time with nature and explore more. When this happens, it’s always helpful to have a “view” of the way back to the trailhead.

Thankfully, with the Utah release, we can now see the “spectacular vistas” of Account and Contact from the Customer Service Task.  This makes it much easier to understand who the customer is that we’re performing this customer support task for.

Account and Contact from the Customer Service Task


I hope to visit Utah and the Arches National Park again soon. And likewise, I hope these new ServiceNow Utah Customer Service Management features help you and your customer support team see things more clearly for your customers and provide them with “amazing vistas” of customer experience.

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